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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
this multi-novel series follows the life of young allen walker.

Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



Dante’ Sweeting


Chapter One: New Beginnings


 Allen Walker was a normal sixteen year old boy for the most. He went to school, did chores when his parents requested, and helping his ten year old sister around the house. He was also very mannerly, not one inch of disrespect could ever be associated with him. And, his family was very stable for the most part, they lived in a two storied house in the suburban area of National CIty, Olympia. But, Allen and his family has “secrets”, and by “secrets”, I mean secrets that rock the foundations of Creation, or should I say Creations? Well, see, it started out with Allen’s ancestors, dating all the way back to Renaissance era. Allen’s Great, great, great, great

Grandfather, P. Alfred Walker was very much in love with a girl. This girl had Walker’s heart just by looking at him. One day, the girl invited Alfred to accompany her to a “bash”, alongside other guests. To Alfred’s surprise, upon walking into the room, he saw which was very clear signs of supernatural practices being taken. Alfred wanted no part in this and quickly gathered his belongings and left. His beloved grab him by the arm and let him know that she still loved him, but can’t risk being compromised in her practices, plus the fear of being burned at the stake. Some other cult members grabbed Walker, and held him down. “We’ll make sure that word of this never spreads out..” Walker bellowed out for help, but his beloved, with a simple gesture of her hand removed his ability to use his senses, leaving him in a vegetative state. “ We need for you to begin the ritual.”  They drag Alfred into the middle of a pentagram, and the woman he so loved stands careless in front of him. She stretches her arms outwards and a surge of mystical energy instantly encompasses and darkens the world. The pentagram illuminates a violet color, chains of pure energy then extend out of nowhere, and restrict Alfred. “Callaway, I told you this girl has the potential.” “It seems she does, indeed, Jacquelyn. For an initiate, she’s capable of accomplishing such a feat on her own, it surely gives insight on she is capable of doing in the future with more training.”


As this curse extends through the fabric of time, a mark appears on Walker’s right arm. A Holy Cross placed in the middle of a Mendes, eternally burdening the Walkers.


Present Day

Empty alleyway,


“Allen, what the hell are you chasing?!”

“ I can see it right there, Nia! Just trust me!”

“How do I trust you when most of your ideas are !@#$ idiotic?”

“You have a dirty mouth y’know?”

“Whatever. Just focus on the task at hand, wait, where’d it go?”


“You need not worry about where I am, child.” “Allen! Behind you!”

“Ugh, you’re a tough guy, aren’t you? Ergh, I can’t beat him on my own.” “I’m coming now.”

“Be careful please, Allen.” “Ha! I got you now. Now tell us who you are.”

“Heh heh heh…. You don’t have me, for it is I who has you.”

The unknown creature grabs Allens and rips his hand straight into his chest. The creature then begins to feast upon Allen’s very soul and life force.

“Let him go!”

The creature easily counters Nia’s offensive and begins to feast on her soul and life force as well.

“This is the end of the line for you both.” “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

Allen punches the creature with tremendous force. The buildings in the area collapse from the great impact, and sent shockwaves around the continent.

“What do you have to say to that now, beast? Nia, quick, trap him!”

Nia alters the very earth beneath the beast and constructs a stone prison.

“Now that you’re trapped, I suggest you explain yourself before I eviscerate you.”

“Foolish girl, you’ve only doomed yourself and this deplorable planet.”

“Fine then, derail all you want. It isn’t going to help you at all. Allen, grab him and let’s go.”

Nia dissembles the prison around the creature, and unsurprisingly, it teleported away.

“Damn it. He could’ve gotten away at any time.”

“Then why didn’t he do it before? Recon, or something more? Nia, we really got to keep our eyes out.”

Nia nods in agreement.


Another Spatial DImension

In a Palace made of Onyx,


“Master, I’ve accomplished my task.”

“Good. It won’t be long now until we’ve conquered this dimension”


The End.

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