False Profit!

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This is NOT a knock on religion, it's about the dangers of mixing it with politics

Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



So, I saw the story on Facebook screaming, "James Dobson: Evangelical Christian Author Says Donald Trump Has Accepted Jesus Christ", please,--he's obviously only saying that so his followers will support a man who is obviously not religious, unless you count worshiping at 'The Alter Of Me.' I If you truly believe that nonsense, you have my sympathy, Sir. It's painfully obvious to me, Mr. Dobson, exactly what Trump's doing--sucking up to people he probably thinks of as dog crap stuck to his shoe--all he has to do is show up at an evangelical meeting, spout about how he's always been religious, and your flock tell themselves it must be true. I don't think religion has any place in politics--if you don't believe me about the dangers of religion in politics--see Iran--or see any theocracy!



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