Escaping the Darkness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
Now we are the 12 who have joined our forces together.
Even though we all hate each other, for some strange reason, we do.
Anyways, we 12 can not kill each other since we all all equal in power.
So we might as well help the younger ones out with their problem with Harry.
[Wait! Harry is alive still?]-Stella
Indeed he is. Sorry forgot to tell you.
{What the heck man!}-Hudson
Hey! Aron didn't tell you he didn't kill me for at least a good month. He just left me in the stupid prison room thing.
{Aron care to tell us something?}-Hudson
|Probably best that I explain it later.|
[Ok, cool!]-Stella
Anyways, the postal is opening, Harry's army is attacking us on all sides.
But don't worry the original 12 have your back, well original 11. I can't find 3 anywhere.
Your favorite person will die, but this battle is stopped thanks to Stella, Simeon, Hudson, Aron, Ray, and some other guys.
And so we kill him!
[we didn't kill him]-Stella
And so we beat the crap out of him!

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Chapter 1: Stella

Submitted: August 07, 2016

They all sat in the living room. I wished they were quiet and silent. They didn't notice the few of us in the corner, us minor people. ... Read Chapter