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Do you like compliments?

Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016




I really like compliments… not to receive them but to give. To  Whom? Well, It depends.. to people whom  I like or I don’t like,  to my relatives, my colleagues, sometimes even to strangers .

Basically to others

I like those little, magic words that come out of my mouth so easily and smoothly. I like them because they allow me to See better what’s hidden deep inside, what’s only known by the owners .  

But actually I like more how they touch others’ minds individually.

I like to see how people burst with pride

I like to see how they their cheeks blush and their humble attitude and behavior tell them to immediately deny it.  But WE know that it’s not true.

I like to see how they are drowning in their own confusion and awkwardness.

I really like to See their happiness.

But Even more I like those who boldly say that I’m right.

Who think that finally, someone discovered their potential, their skills, efforts.

They’re not grateful, they’re not confused. They just know that they deserved it.

That’s just obvious.

They have all rights to receive and receive…

 And I like to observe attentively how their confidence builds up.

How different they become.

And I start wondering…  if it’s for real?

The same words, the same situation, the same intention…. Yet we end up having two completely reactions.

(Intention is misleading and likes to play a lot. Eventually your purity has a tendency to turn into irony or sarcasm.. but people  don’t See any difference, mostly)

I like to give compliments to people who should be praised, who really need them, who should be Seen

And I like to give compliments to people who shouldn’t be praised, who don’t need them, who have been Seen for far too long….


I like compliments.

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