True story about my mirror

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I look at the mirror and all l see is not just me; not only me, not only my body. I see my innergoddes deep into the mirror, straight to my eyes "I see more than me". I've been struggling to find myself years ago. But in a short time everything is clear. I find my true self and l trust my self again. Everything what l saw in reality, something was crawling inside of me. And l always did ignore my voice inside of me. But now l can protect myself better. My innergoddes is telling me to fight and discover your own truth! No matter what it takes. No matter how hard the truth is. Find peace with your innerself. I follow my intuition, l feel my soul and l starve my ego and l said to myself and l call my name many times in the mirror. Stacey you are responsible for your own happiness...rather you're running from reality or living your dream, always know the difference. You're stronger than your ego says my innergoddes! And the mirror can't tell me no lie. I can face the truth. I can look straight to my mirror and talking to my mirror. It seems crazy but l learn day by day to accept my body for what it is, but most of all l listen to my innergoddes. She's the truth to my self reflection.

My mirror, l see you and l see me.

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Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



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