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I'm writing about how I feel and how terrible that I've been treated at school! I did not like any of the schools that I've been to in Maury County when my dad could afford living in Columbia.

Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



Getting in trouble is the worst thing that I

hate in my life cause getting in trouble is

fucking annoying and that is a fight and I

don't like fighting. I know that I used too

get in trouble at school cause I know that

my teacher sent me to the office and I sat

on a chair to wait so I can have a talk with

the principle about what I did wrong in class

and the principle dialed my house number to

call my parent to come pick me up from

school and I know that my mom had the

right to take away my video game privilege

because of my behavior at school. I've

remembered when I was in seventh grade

that I've made myself a nuisance when I 

would go to Mr. Drapers classroom cause I

know that he had some students in his

classroom so when I walked in, I found

myself a perfect spot where to sit in his

classroom and I had all my stuff ready for 

class so I copied down my assignments that 

he had written up on the board, but when

Mr. Draper saw me in his classroom while he

was checking everybody's assignment book,

he was not able to check mine and he could

not let me stay in his classroom for the 

whole entire class period for socail studies 

cause my name was not listed in his class

schedule! I know that I have not been 

treated nicely at school cause I've

remembered that kids have been very cruel

to me, but I don't have to worry about it

anymore so I'll just let it go cause I'm 

already out of school and I know that I was

not happy about the song that they've

picked for my high school graduation, but I

don't have to worry about it anymore cause

my high school graduation has past! I don't 

like facebook because facebook is evil cause

it has gotten me in way to much trouble

because of the tall boy that I met at 

taekwondo cried to the police with his 

parents and sent to him to my house cause

he didn't wanted to be contacted by me and

he was never a friend of mine to start and

he still doesn't want to be my friend no 

matter how old I am, I'm 22 years old and 

that boy is the same age as me, but I'm not

gonna let it happen again for me to have his

parents send the police to house and I'm 

not getting back on facebook again because

I don't want other people calling my mom

about me again and I don't want the police

coming to my doorstep again. I have real

friends like Brean Lynn, Morgan Campbell 

and Jenna Peck, but Andrew McAlister is

not my friend cause he does not like me and

I can't talk to him anymore cause I know 

that he messaged me back about six years

ago the first time I got my facebook 

account set up, I red the message that he

sent me and it said you're not my friend

leave me alone cause if I don't want the 

police to get involved by his parents then 

the best thing for me to do its to leave him

alone so I blocked his profile which was 

good! I don't need to be doing stuff that 

I'm not supposed to be doing cause thats

breaking the law and I know that I don't

need to be going to websites that I'm not 

supposed to be on that people have 

attached stuff to which can slow the 

computer or any devices and there's no way

I can stop people from attaching stuff to

a website cause I don't know who the 

person is thats making attachments to a

website and I know that people get board

like that whenever they have nothing else 

to do! I know that I would hangout with my

real friends while I was still in school, but 

I'm not in school anymore and I'm not 

calling my friends jobs to tell the manager 

that I don't want them at work cause I 

have no money to pay they're bills to the

people that want the money. I had all four

years of high school, I burned one of my 

polo shirts on my senior cookout in high 

school and I gave the rest of my polo shirts

away after I graduated high school and I'm

very happy that I don't have to wear polo

shirts anymore, but I still could not believe

that I ended up having to wear a school

uniform when I went to high school cause

I've remembered when I was still in middle

school that boys would wear they're pants 

low to show they're underwear and girls

would wear they're bra's under they're 

chest to show they're breast which was not

good! I like to keep in touch with Ms. High

and she's still a guidance counselor at 

Whitthorne by sending her an email and I 

told her that I am very happy to be out of

school and I told her that I've already

graduated high school and I'm not gonna go

there again, but good thing my mom threw

the magnet that had the schools phone

numbers on it after I graduated high school

cause she does not need it for anything and

I'm not calling Central anymore cause I'm

not going back to high school cause I don't

wanna do 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade 

again and I'm way too old for high school! I

know that I've escaped Whitthorne and

went to Central eight years ago I past 

myself as a freshman in high school and I

went to the gym to play basketball, but one

of the boys took the ball away from me and 

I told the boy to give me the ball back 

because I wanted to play and Coach Howard 

Stone saw me, he took me to office to go 

see Cindy Johnson and while I was walking

with the attendance clerk, I saw Ms. Amy

and she told me that I was lost so the 

attendance clerk took me back to

Whitthorne and I threw a fit after he took

me back there, but I don't have to worry

about it anymore cause its already past so

I'll just let it go! I'm very happy to be out

of school and I'm very happy that I don't 

have to get up anymore to go to school 

because I'm too old for school and I'm 

happy that I don't have to wear school 

dress code anymore cause I can wear 

whatever I want now that I'm out of school,

but wherever I go to work, I will have to 

wear a uniform and I know that employees

never complain about what they wear, but

right now I don't have a job cause I fired

two years ago working at Goodwill when 

somebody from the impact center called 

about what I did wrong and I know that it

wasn't they're fault, it was all my fault 

because I've been ugly to the boss which

was not good! I could go find a job while

I'm taking acting class so I can pay for my

acting class cause actors can have a job to 

work, but I'm not gonna call Mr. Draper

again to get him to teach at the acting

school up in Franklin cause I know that he 

told me about five times that he is unable 

to do it because of his schedule and he told

me back in the begining of March that he

already contacted the business owner and

he told the business owner that he can't 

teach at the acting school cause he doesn't

have the time for teaching. I might focus

better while Mr. Draper is teaching at the

acting school up in Franklin without getting

on facebook, but Mr. Draper is not gonna be

able to teach there and he knows that its

past the year that he got a teacher to come

and drag me out of classroom and he knows 

that I'm out of school, but I know that

Mr. Draper was still teaching at Whitthorne

after I finished middle school and went to 

high school! I told my mom when I was in

seventh grade that I did not care if Ms. 

Watson was gonna teach at Central, but 

there might be a different Ms. Watson 

teaching there. I lost one friend and it was

the girl that had yellow mustang has never

been a good friend with me to give me a 

ride home in her car after the final exams

in the fall semester, but I liked having my 

schedules changed after christmas when I

was in high school better then taking the

same classes after christmas, but I took 

the same classes when I was in middle 

school after christmas cause I know that

middle school is not like high school that 

schedules change! I took literture on my 

freshman year in high school in the spring

semester and I didn't like taking literture

cause I got an F for not studying for the 

test, but I didn't get very many F's in 

literture and I only got one F in family 

consumer science! I've worked very hard on

getting my high school diploma and I'm not

going back school ever again because I'm 

too old for school and I don't have to worry

about the days that kids have been very

cruel to me at school so I'll just let go, I 

don't wanna think in my head about the day 

that my mom hit me with the belt before

taekwondo class started cause thats 

already in the past, but my mom is not gonna

do that to me again because I'm too big to 

get spanked now!

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