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I often turn to math in times of need...or at least times of sincere questioning. I sometimes long for me to be we, but even basic math can't equate that mystery.

Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



What is the root of a square?

It’s embedded in its soil, buried in its earth


It tells of each square’s origin

Of its conception, of its birth


Now a square with an area of 4

Has 2 at its root

And a square with an area 1156

The truth! 34 at its core

I could play this game for hours but what for


I am 1 and my root is I

There is no other way it could be

But if this 1 should chance for 2

This is what eludes me


As I dig in search of a root

It stretches and sprawls to infinity

And if its infinite, does it even exist?

Try not to get caught in the mystery


Clearly I can see there is such a thing as two

For here I am

And there is you


But what I struggle to define

Is that finest of fine line


And if I can’t tell where one ends

How can I tell where two begins?

If two begins?

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