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Rebecca unexpectedly comes across an opportunity of a lifetime, which she takes full advantage of in this tale of rituals and awakening. Blood, angst, drugs, beast, ext. Not for the faint of heart or closed minded individual.

Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016




Smoking a cigar I sat in my chair naked in deep thought looking at a picture of the lass I've been infatuated with, I've been watching her for a few months now and I know she's the one I can feel it, she has brown hair, blue eyes, soft white skin,cute teeth with that metal cap, and how she wares that white jacket with the star zipper so adorable and innocent but I can smell her corrupt soul and It needs to be whole...she needs to be whole.

Getting up from my chair I walked to my drawer and put on my shrine maiden out fit put on my straw sandals and adjusted my sigil, fixed up my hair, put on make up grabbed my smokes and walked out the door, walking around the so called village my hunt continues, it's morning and its about that time when she plays with that old woman's cats.

turning the corner I saw that she was being a attacked by what seems to be a family member the sick fuck puched her in the gut and that alone was not enough for me to get in it, until I saw him with a pipe and pointed it at her, "that's it" I dashed at them "OI YOU LITTLE SHIT " he looked at me as I got in the between them "YOU WANNA HIT A LASS WELL COME ON YA CUNT SWING AT ME MAKE MY FUCKING DAY LAD ILL FUCKING BREAK YOU!" I saw deep fear in the boys eyes as he dropped the pipe and ran.

Turning around I looked at her, I've never been this close to her...time to break the ice, "ello sweet heart you okay love?" she was in tears as she shook her head no,i approached her caressing her face lightly, she skin very smooth and nice "its alright little roo" she then gave me a hug but sadly the sigil poked her in the chest "oh I'm sorry love, that happens from time time....but um anyways would you like to see my wolf? he doesn't bite he's very kind"

With no words she shook her head yes, so I asked her "hey love what's your name "rose...but others call me rosey " I smiled "cute well rose it is then, my name is Rebecca and people call me Becca" she nodded her head and smiled,"okay becca" as five minuets passed we got to my home, entering the door my wolf Chris was on the L shaped couch asleep and look very comfy but was sadly woken up by the door opening "Oi hello chris my love I'm home, with a guest" Chris trotted happily to me for a moment but then moved in on rose giving her a few sniffs and then kisses and licks mixed with howling, she was occupied that alone was a great start.

"ill be right back to get some drinks what would you like?" she responded with "pepsi please " I nodded my head with a soft smile as I headed in the kitchen, I opened the freezer grabbing the nice cold bottle of pepsi setting it on the table I grabbed a small glass and some ice cubes, placing the glass down I went to the drawer and grabbed some pills and crushed them up and sprinkling it in the cup as I added the ice and pepsi in the glass and mixed it very well, grabbing a water bottle for my self as I walked back into the the living room.

"Okay love here is your drink" I set it down on the table as I lit up a damiana cigarette "come now love take a seat with me" she looked at my lightly blushing she came to me taking a seat and grabbing her glass taking a few sips

"my wolf has taken a liking to you I see" she shook her head "yea he's cute and fun, but I really like cats" I nodded my head " that's okay love we can't help what we like of love" she continued drinking her soda, I never thought she would be this close to me but I did it. "ill be right back okay love just gonna head you my bedchambers for a moment, now you can play with chris or one of my games till I come back oaky?" she nodded her head as I walked away.

Entering my room I moved my bed all the way to the other side of the wall as I got some chalk and started to make a summoning circle, it took a bit, around half an hour but that was all part of the plan, I knelt down speaking a prayer "dear father belial I come to please thee with a young one that I have been hunting for some time and now shes in the wolfs den and asleep by now I'm sure but may this please and satisfy your lust as it will mine" I cut my hand letting blood drip onto the circle as I felt the glow of the summoning circle it was warm and comforting, "also my dear father if you will please let her inner demon out, make her whole and be her true self as you did with me"

Opening the door I walked out the room and into the living room only to see Chris sleep next to rose as she too was knocked out, I smiled and a walked up to her picking her up and taking her to my room where the fun will truly start.

Entering the room I set her down on the bed and stripped her down naked her body was just perfect as I got her back up and lied her down on the summoning circle as I took a razor from my bra and giving each of her fingers a light cut letting them drip onto the floor and watched to aura grow brighter, "this was it it's time" I said in my head, taking off my maiden outfit, bra and undies I stepped inside the circle I dropped to my knees taking off my sigil and placing it around her neck and kissed it.

Opening up her legs I kissed her young pussy and gave it a taste, I blushed deeply and gasped a bit "like tasting blood for the fist time, I truly am a wolf" I whispered to my self as I continued to explore her body, getting on top of her feeling her chest softly and kissing the nape of her neck getting to her ear as I whisper "i know you can feel it, it feels comforting and loving, but most of all it feel like home doesn't it?"

Rose woke up gasping "tying to fight it eh, you don't wanna do that love trust me" I smiled with lust "let me help you out a bit" I said giving a lustful evil light chuckle as I placed my hands around her throat slowly pressing on her wind pipe as I hear her lightly suffocate, "look at me, look into my eyes love" she opened her eyes and they were locked on my eyes not even changing direction, she started to squirm a bit and I don't need her moving out of the summoning circle so I put on full force as her body started convulse and shake along with spit and drool sliding from the side of her mouth, passing out but I need to kill first and bring her back so I continued feeling her life force fading from the light in her eyes I made my cock very very hard, and I was strapped for time I have ten minuets before her brain starts to die.

With my stiff hard uncut cock I spit on her young youthful pussy making it covered as I slowly jammed my cock deep inside her warm small cunny making her lifeless pussy stretch wide open making sure every inch was inside as I started CPR on her giving her mouth to mouth "come on love let the dark take you let it love you and show you real love my dear i know you can hear me if you want to live if you want to come back powerful accept the darkness and i will take you in you'll never have to go back to that family of yours ever!"

her lifeless body then came back gasping for air, her eyes glow with an aura of red as her legs the wrapped around my back "Take me becca, take my body and soul take me from that family for ive seen the darkness and it was was ME!" i smiled starting to laugh sadistically as i started to pump my cock into her chubby cubby pussy "YES GIVE IT TO ME GIVE LOVE AND PAIN I ALL YOURS !"

I then kissed her deeply slipping my tongue deep down her throat feeling her pussy getting very very wet as it tighten around my member feeling the blood drip off from my balls as the slap against her ass, her eyes again were locked on to me "give your love milk becca i need it give it to me " i blushed deeply "your close i can feel it, please please i need your girl milk" i don't know how it happened but she make me cum...hard i looked down to see that her pussy was flooding with my cum and she was not done yet as she said "I'm still hungry and i need to be fed and YOU will feed me wolf girl"

my eyes widened "wha!?" she with no expiation flipped me on to the circle and started to ride me "oh yes much better heheheahahaha!" she touched the part of the sigil making me not move like i was glued to the floor, she gave a whistle for chris and clicked her with her mouth, naturally chris never comes to things like that but not even a moment later there he was wagging his tail right next to her , she started touching his member giving him a hard on with ease, she layed into me, my face to hers noeses touching almost and eyes were locked on as she whispered " i need k9 milk too but in my ass so two wolves will be feeding all three of my holes "

i spoke " three?" chris then popped up on her back and started mounting her as she pulled me in for a deep kiss and locking lips with her warm small tongue down my throat as i felt chris pounding roses ass, i can hear him panting very heavily and the wet slaps of his balls and his knott rub against my cock a bit, rose was breathing very heavily as she was taking the wolf cock as forcing my cock to cum over and over and over, chris finally knotted rose, she smiled evilly as touched the blood with her finger a whipped it on chirs forcing his cock to also continue to shoot cum draining us up dry, "YES YES YES IM GETTING FULL ahhhh YESSSSS !" her belly was starting to swell up from so much cum and from what it looked it like she was gonna pop at any moment, as the time pass she looked like a seven month preggy ten yearold.

She then shouted in a happy demonic voice "good I'm full now!" she smiled as the glow around me faded and i could move again, chris was no longer under her control but was very gentle and slowly popped out his knott and trotted away happy, rose then got up my dick what was once hard as a rock was now soft as it was covered in juices and cum with blood as it dripped on the floor rose got on her knees taking my cock into her mouth and cleaning up every drop, giving it a kiss on the head at the end and got up on her feet her eyes still had the red aura as she pulled me in giving me a hug " you can't undo this i belong to you now so take care of me...Big Sis Becca and take me anytime you want" i smiled giving her a kiss " i will always take care of you my little roo boo, now lets watch some tv" she nodded her head walking into the living room smiling "animaniacs?" i smiled " its all on Netflix" she was exicted with joy"yay!" we snuggled on the couch as i rubbed her cum filled belly as she lied on me and we enjoyed the rest of the day.

so that's the story of how i made my prey become her true self and we are as happy as ever as the years passed i realized her gift was staying 10 years old she never grew or aged, father gifted her with not eternal life but the life of staying ten. and father gifted me with a little girl and a sister, i looked at my sigil as i spoke "Thank you father..thank you and thank you Baphomet for also giving me the life i needed and wanted, we are yours in this life and next"


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