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Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



I didn't know
you would be here,
Tilly's mother said,
when she came in
and saw us sitting
on the sofa together.

She stared at Tilly
more than me.

Benny just popped in
to see me as it's
my half day off work
and we've had a chat,
Tilly said.

Her mother stared at me;
have you offered
Benny a drink?
She said.

No not yet,
Tilly said.

Well get him one then;
I don't suppose
he will want to hang
around all day
waiting for a drink.

Tilly got up,
and went to the kitchen.

I was left alone
with her mother,
who sat down
in her armchair
still looking at me.

Is it your
afternoon off too?
She said.

No I work in two shifts;
I go back to work
about 5pm,
I said.

She looked at the clock
on the mantle-shelf
which showed 3.25pm.

She nodded her head,
and looked around the room
as if looking for signs
we may have been
up to something(trusting soul).

It is not any young man
I would have here with Tilly,
you know,
I know your mother
has brought you up
to honour and respect girls,
so I am trusting in your case,
she said,
looking back
at me again.

I was thinking about Tilly
and me up in her room
about half hour previously
lying next to each other
after having had sex
a couple of times.

That is nice to know,
I said,
that you trust me.

She stared stiffly;
her eyes narrowing.

It is important that girls
appreciate their virginity,
she said.

I listened out for Tilly;
that she'd come back soon,
and wouldn't put
her foot in it
as she nearly did
the other time
I came around,
and her mother
interrogated me.

What are your prospects
where you work?
She asked.

I said.

What are the future developments
at your place of employment?
She said.

Upward and erect,
I said.

She stared at me.

I erect
and pull down marquees,
I said smiling.

She did not smile back:
and the future?
What are your prospects?

I have no idea,
I said.

She sat forward,
and looked towards
the kitchen:
where has that girl gone?
Visiting India
to buy it?
She said.

I smiled;
she didn't.

After a few minutes,
Tilly entered
with a tray of cups
and saucers for three,
and set it down
on a small coffee table
in the center of the room,
and stood up smiling.

Done it,
she said.

You took your time,
her mother said,
where you been, India?

Tilly stopped smiling,
and sat next to me.

What have you two
been doing this afternoon?
her mother asked.

Talking about our school days,
Tilly said.

Is that all?
Her mother said.

Well we did talk
about other things too,
she said.

I mean other
than talking,
her mother said.

Benny kissed me once,
Tilly lied.

Her mother eyed me:
is that all?

Well maybe twice,
I said.

Her mother selected
a cup and saucer
and sipped from the cup,
and stared at Tilly
and not me.

Virginity is highly prized
in our family,
her mother said,
not until marriage
is it to be relinquished,
her mother said.

I nodded,
and Tilly
went red.

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