the wedding day scramble

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a story about first time love and the perils of a dream come true

Submitted: June 26, 2016

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Submitted: June 26, 2016



The Wedding day scramble


The day finally came. It was the day I finally had a successful relationship growing. Both of us were hesitant, so I broke the silence to propose to Tatiana in Times Square. We were in front of my favorite place Dave and Buster’s. Rochelle's (Row-shell) parents as well as mine knew that we were dating. For years I put dating on hold, and now I’m 30 getting close to my prime, when on that Friday evening, everything changed....

I was out with my friends one night when a beautiful young woman, walked in. She had everything right. Fine as can be. The only thing that spoiled it was the expression on her face. From a distance she looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders, soul was going to drop with depression and a broken heart. My friends were checking her out and I could hear their remarks as I walked over.

She was sitting at a table alone waiting for her food to come. As she reached inside her bag for something and everything fell out. Curtis doubled over, David choked, Delonte laughed so hard he fell off the chair, and Jericho was shaking to the point that everyone in the restaurant, including Charles the owner stared. I told Rochelle a funny story and I got her to chuckle and buckle with happiness.

We exchange contacts and continue to talk. Rochelle (Row-shell) and I have multiple things in common. We both like football, basketball, baseball. The only thing that we don't have interests for are hockey and wrestling. She likes to eat which I was praying for. Like my Mom, Rochelle likes Housewives of Atlanta and Jersey. She loves Walker Texas Ranger, Law and Order S.V.U., and other shows. Rochelle has one cat and I have 2 cats.

I must have been a type of remedy resource because instantly Rochelle let it all out. She is in a relationship that isn’t going well.  Her current boy is abusing her and she told me “My boyfriend is constantly yelling, arguing and degrading me.”  Her food came and the price of her order didn’t hold up to the entree (meaning the price was wrong, fucked up wrong!) Then on top of it, she didn’t have the money to pay the tab. She was short by $10. So I go over to Charles and consult the mishap of charge. The problem was that a slow special, bitch ass waitress didn’t pay attention. She wrote down a Southern style grilled burger instead of a bacon, medium pepper jack cheese, A1 Steak Sauce, and Ceaser salad. The subtotal comes to $19.48 not $39.57, a $20.09 difference.

After her food came with everything squared away, we started to talk about our jobs and day to day outcome. Right now I am running a business selling shoes and sports equipment with Delonte twice a week. I collaborate with Charles to tally up deliveries and sales for the day in which he gives me a discount when I come. On Monday's Thursdays, and Fridays from 11-2, I have guidance counseling sessions at my school. Then on Friday's I design cars. Rochelle is a rookie TLC Manager in which ironically has the same schedule but on different days.

When everyone (Rochelle, my friends, and I) finished around 10:30, I go to finish up with Charles and his daughter Jasmine. Meanwhile her boyfriend Richard isn't calling because he doesn't care. Rochelle said that he's probably strung out. So I invite her to my house for the night and think of a plan for the next morning. We get into my long desired possession Black Raven Escalade which I saved and worked four years to buy the 2017 model. I had all the accessories and just needed to pay the remaining base price ($28,000) and then it's all mine.

The next day Rochelle was a lot more cheerful. I decided to let her stay just a little bit longer because Snowflake stayed with her the night before (she’s always underfoot).Snowflake likes to be with new people, whereas Future is a little shy.

 Later that day she called me on a short office break. Her day was going well without any shit jumping off. I was at school finishing up a meeting with one of my students. Rochelle wanted to meet me at Charles Crib, Everything to meet your appetite again and I said yes, but first I debated on whether or not to pop the question or escalate further. She wanted to meet at 7, after work which was perfect because I finish at 2. This gave me time to change into something phat.

So I went home and picked out suit to wear. I got my best cologne, D.Y. by Daddy Yankee. On the way there I changed my mind on the big question and let it play out. I made a short notice reservation fairly quickly.  As always I got there early, not late or barely on time (like Jericho). A few minutes later Rochelle walked in wearing a gorgeous outfit. Everyone in the restaurant knew I was serious and stayed quiet. Our food came and everything was right this time. I got a phone call from my colleague Robert saying that he found the file for the down payment at the dealership he’d been looking for 3 days. Back at the T.L.C. headquarters where Darren took over her shift and an engine broke but luckily she had backup replacements. Therefore I had the rest of the night off.

After we finished eating I went back to work but Rochelle had the rest of the day off and said she wanted to have me and my 2 cats over for dinner. So when I got home I had everything set so I played some video games, and before you know it was time for dinner. I arrive on time with Future and Snowflake. Today she cooked Lasagna collard greens you name it. Rochelle has the same cat food so we’re squared away. She had some spectacular news; Richard got his head out his ass and bottle and broke up with her, so now it’s just us. It looks like this won't be a one sided exchange like I've had in the past and still today, for a first it is an equal friendship.

I brought some video games over incase she wanted to play and mercifully took her ass to school. We still had a lot of fun. Her cat starlight and my 2 cats get along well. I haven’t made the move yet because I’m the kind of man that has respect for women. Although I don’t get the same response, I feel better inside.

On Thursday I called Rochelle and set a time to meet at Dave and Buster’s for a cheerful surprise. I didn’t have to worry about her being under 21 like David’s cousin Andreas’. Rochelle was free at 6 this week so I came in a little earlier to the dealership at 12:30-4:45, so I could have time to change afterwards. Then it was off to the adult arcade. D&B’s is so good that when I’m there I feel like a kid again. Rochelle met me at Dave&Busters and this was the perfect time to ask the question.

We got plenty of Eat and play cards with bonus food additions. She got a phone call from her friend Anthony, so I went outside with her. Earlier in the week when I was at her house, I was looking at her jewelry and got a sense of her taste. She likes gold just like me I took some measurements since she was downstairs in the kitchen. Now I am 4 steps away from a possible new life. So we got inside after showing I.D. and have big fun. Afterwards we ate dinner and then made our ways home. When we got outside I made my move. I pulled out a beautiful 14 Carat Yellow gold %2Teardrop-Red-Labradorite-White-Sapphire-Ring.

Rochelle was speechless. Anyone who passed by stopped dead in their tracks. It took her a while to come to senses but that was fine since I was nervous also. Then I asked “will you marry me”. After about 3 minutes she said the magical words yes. She called one of her friends and broke the news. I could hear them over the phone congratulating her and she was thrilled.  I pulled out a beautiful 14 karat Yellow Gold %2FTeardrop-Red-Labradorite-White-Sapphire-Ring. She couldn’t come up with any words so she just fell into my arms with joy. I rounded up all my guys the next week and they helped me plan the wedding since they knew the progress we were making. Seven months later on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 1:30pm -6 pm was our weeding date. I called the best pastor I know, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Sr. of Crenshaw Christian Center west. Rochelle’s parents jumped for joy. There is something that I didn’t tell them in which Rochelle already knows. Today is the day I tell them that their daughter is the first girlfriend I’ve had for real in my life.

We talked about finalizing the plans for us. Both Rochelle and I compiled a list of the people in our lives that really count. I started with my family. Next were my co workers, classmates from school years that I was close to. Next step was to allow for cancellations and additions. Then both parents and us thought about where the ceremony could be. Next step was choices of entrée’s, transportation arrangements. I already own 3 Tuxedos that I maintained and still fit into. From then on it was time for my friends and family to look sharp.  We went to the famous Men’s Warehouse for selections and fitting. The bill came to $40,351.35. We sent out invitations through Email and then made copies. 6 months notice I believe is enough time for big events. My dad didn’t have a Tuxedo so he was a crucial dress factor. This meant he needed to be taken care of A.S.A.P.

After some thought about the main course entrees and idea’s from our 2 dating years, instead of burgers Jackson Hole agreed to send chop meat from chef’s in the kitchen. With chop meat meatballs, jambalaya, or lasagna could be made. At that point I ran out of ideas.  No worries because Stephanie and my mom thought of some more dishes. Mom made smothered chicken and dad made steak. Carlos made some rice and vegetable salad.

Rochelle and I chose the venue for an outside wedding since it was going to be nice weather. I took my dad for Tuxedo shopping. He found a suit that he liked and took measurements. The delivery date would be July 10th. As the day came closer I had to make a vow speech which Curtis helped me with the grammar and small ideas like rhymes and sequence. We didn’t worry about the bachelor party because I was old. I don’t do anything stupid because I’ve outgrown the phase, besides we were all in our late 20’s and 30’s. Jericho took some D.J. classes in high school and college, so we’re squared away with music. Plus he can program equipment to play by itself based on a playlist. This way he can eat and dance without being at the controls constantly. Delonte had a comic at his wedding that did an excellent job. His name is Davon Rexman. He’s been in the business for ten years and covered 55 occasions.

Three days later it was time to get ready for the biggest day of anyone’s life: their wedding day. We have a headcount of 500 guests. There’s plenty of food and everyone’s on time. I get a phone call from my mother-in-law to be, Stephanie, saying that my dad is missing. I got him on the phone after 6 tries and he answers. He says “I’m in the house watching Sports Nation”. The wedding is going to take place in 3 hours in California on the beach and then the reception in Miami 2 days later. So I go to mom and ask “Have you seen Dad because we’re about to start”. “No he’s still at home. He forgot the wedding is today and he’s not ready to be on a later flight” “What do you mean?” Oh my Goodness, I have to get on the phone and to get a replacement quickly or there’s an empty seat.” I go tell the host why there’s a delay. Pastor Dickerson blocked out time in his schedule and now there’s a delay in start time. This is why I was debating on getting married and starting a family, because of shit like this. We put a lot of work into our relationship and now I’m worried it will fall apart. I want to tell Rochelle what’s happening but I can’t see the bride because it’s bad luck.

Then I get on the phone after 6tries and reach dad. He’s not out of the house yet. “Dad did you forget that the wedding is today” “No just forgot what time it was.” “What the fuck do you mean? Don’t you remember we went shopping and you helped me in Microsoft Outlook? Oh man you have an hour to get here. Don’t call me I’ll be busy, and just to let you know you’ve messed up the most important day of our lives. If you’re late just turn around and go home. We’ll start on time and Uncle Bo will have to walk mom down the aisle. Well Mathayus I’m… no I gave you specific details paid for your attire, airfare everything. You have a car and all you needed to do was pick up Uncle La Marcus and Aunt Tiffany and go to the airport and you didn’t so stay home!!! I hung up the phone mad with time expiring and time to be out there. We had 499 guests, 250 for the Valdinez and 249 for the Slade’s.

I got a phone call from an invitation recipient Deron “Ray Ray” Jackson, Jericho’s cousin who lived in the area and an invitation recipient. He was also my mechanics school classmate from eight years ago and we kept our friendship. By the luck of the draw he lived on the west coast and in the San Diego area, 15 minutes away. When he arrived I said “Deron, I apologize for the short notice.” “Our guest list was full when the e-mail came through.” He sent us or me a gift a Verizon camcorder. “I have an opening due to a no show if you can make it in 10 minutes.” “Make it in 8.” “I hate it when you do stuff like that.” My wife is away on a business trip, so I have nothing to do.” “Remember the old fashion saying, it's bad luck to see the bride”. “See you there”. Carlos and I were talking about the new plan when Stephanie came over to see what our gathering was since we were gone a long time. I think we’re set, how is Rochelle holding up. She’s dressed and pulling herself together slowly. I think she’ll need about 15 minutes.

Pastor Dickerson came over to me and said “We’ll start in a half hour”. “Okay Pastor”. Someone let Stephanie know. Back at my “quarters” or dressing room, all my guys were ready. I just needed to make a speech at the altar. I gathered myself and it was time for the ceremony. I went to the alter meeting my best man, Jade, with the ring. This time I think this would be the right ring to accompany the Sapphire. It is Jared Le Vian Yellow 14k Gold Rhodium finished netting. I had my vow speech ready in which Pastor Dickerson knew about. It went a little something like this:

“On that beautiful evening inside the greatest place on the avenue, I laid eyes upon a beautiful young lady while out with my four friends. They are here today and I wish for that special night to last forever. I never dreamed that I would still get another opportunity after giving up for so long. Then I tried again and met you. When you walked in, from a distance I knew that you were special, one of a kind. You came to your table still carrying yourself, but anyone could put two and two together and see something was terribly wrong. It only took a moment for you to crack a smile at my small comments. I wasn’t looking for a quick or good response, just making an effort to help and much to my surprise it worked. I am grateful that you were the person on the receiving end, and for that I’ll always love you for the rest of my life. I hope you can join me.”  “

“I never thought that I would be blessed by the father with a second chance. I have tried so hard to seek happiness but have made the wrong choices. Then when all hope was lost I met you, the one man who has respect, trust, friendship, and true love for me. From the bottom of my heart and soul, I will always and forever love you until the end of life.”

 “After that there are no words to say. By the power given to me and the state of New York, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. Kiss your bride.”

Everyone was happy for us and we had a good time at the reception. There was plenty of food to “bump and grind” to. My mom and Rochelle’s parents were so proud of us. About 3 weeks later we went on our honeymoon in Barbados.



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