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Trying to explain the inexplicable!

Submitted: June 26, 2016

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Submitted: June 26, 2016




My Mom and I just got through watching a Frontline investigation on PBS that jolted me, upset me, and caused me to run in here and write this on my computer. Anyone who's read a few of my past posts knows I like to include a humorous line or two, just to not come across as too serious, but I want to be serious, because what I saw defies logic, defies understanding, and defies being human.


The NRA rallies their members by lying, and playing on their members fears. In Wayne LaPierre, they have the ideal mouthpiece, a man with no compassion, no feeling, and the giant balls to be able to look into the camera and say that while the NRA feels bad for the countless victims of the latest mass-shooting, any changes to the gun laws, such as universal backgrounds checks, is just the first step towards Uncle Sam seizing every gun you own. With a straight face, he gives the reasons why ordinary citizens need a military-grade weapon, such as an assault rifle, and make a plea for arming every citizen, in order to stop gun violence. It would be laughable, if it wasn't so deadly serious, with emphases on deadly. The NRA need to be stopped, period. Understanding why our side--citizens for common sense changes to the gun laws so that the repeat occurrence of these mass-shootings stop--can't find as big of a loudmouth as the NRA has, is well above my pay grade, and I'm not sure even He understands.  

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