Undeniable promises

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Submitted: June 26, 2016

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Submitted: June 26, 2016



Undeniable promises; ‘‘I trusted you,’’ she wimped as she fell into my chest sobbing silently as her tears soaked my shirt. I felt lost; I traced my finger up her spine, feeling every bump of bone. She was ill, she never used to be so tired or restless. My hand found her brittle dry hair; this was her pride and joy. Why is she letting herself get like this?

I caressed her hair as she clenched her hands tight around my shirt keeping her body touching mine. She was shivering yet it was a warm summer night. I embraced my arms around her and nuzzled my head into hers. I felt at home when I smelt her perfume from her neck, sweet and fruity. I knew the brand, of course I knew it, I brought it her last Christmas. I pulled away and cupped her innocent face into my rough hands. I lifted her chin so she was looking at me. My heart dropped. Her eyes glazed yet red and sore, they were sunken into the dark bags underneath them. Her once rosy cheeks caved into her face and her lip was bitten down and bleeding. I turned away, I couldn’t see what I had created. Her eyes once were crystal blue, you’d get lost in them for hours, framed by dark long lashes. Her gaze fell to the ground as she thought I didn’t love her, I couldn’t even look at her. I shrugged my jacket off my broad shoulders and wrapped it around her fragile body. It swamped her yet at least she wasn’t shivering anymore. She cuddled up inside my jacket pulling it close to her face and smelt the hood. She winced as she smelt smoke from the hood. I promised her I had quit but something had to take that pain away. It was the only time I felt sane whilst I had my lips pursed to the cigarette or joint sucking any chemicals into my lifeless body. Harmful or not, it kept me alive.

Her name was Faith, she believed everything happened for a reason. Faith was once so pretty and independent through her years of life. She’s still so young yet seems to have matured too quickly for seventeen years of life. She’s lost all hope for the future.

‘‘Dean,’’ she chokes out. I look at her with sorrow filled eyes. ‘‘Can we go back to yours please?’’ I nod and reach for her hand yet she pulls away. I never understood why, we were once so happy…

We wearily walk back to mine, she’s muttering under her breath, I can’t quite make it out yet I hear her counting for something. I don’t dare ask why. Once we get to mine, she carefully climbs the stairs as if she’s afraid she’ll fall backwards. Faith has walked this stairs near enough a thousand times and has never acted like this. She falls onto my bed and scrunches her body into a ball. I sit on the side of the bed scanning her body. She has scars on her wrists and thighs, not that I can see them now, just cause of her past. None of her clothes fit her anymore their all too lose, I reach my arms around her to pull her onto my lap and she winces in pain. I don’t even ask, I start undressing her and find bruises covering her whole body, fresh scars some even from today as the blood stains her clothes. I can’t speak or breath, my stomach knots as I look at her lifeless lying there saying nothing just aimlessly darting her eyes around my room. I know what she is doing, she looking for clues or a trace of something. Anything for her to start an argument…

I scoop her into my arms and carry her to the bathroom. I place her into the bath of warm water and start to wash her body, washing away any pain from her past, any pain from the cuts and bruise. I want Faith back, the one I use to know.

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