Year 2191 The Final Flash

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Chilling tale of humanity unifying....but too late.

Submitted: June 26, 2016

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Submitted: June 26, 2016



In the year of 2190 peace had settled among the people of earth. Man had learned after The Great Conflict of 2100-2180, a war not of countries or religions but of people merely trying to survive, that only when we unify shall we survive as a species. In the decade following The Great Conflict people abandoned the ways of the old world and the evils they wrought, not knowing of man's greatest evil laying dormant underground.

In midyear of 2190 a great light flashed across the sky and the people knew fear once more. The "angel" as the people referred to it lit the sky, day and night, for three weeks and then passed. The people rejoiced taking it as a sign of approval from the heavens. They were spared the Creators ire, or so they thought.

With the passing of the "angel" came a darkness deeper than pitch, the sun had abandoned them to their fate. In endyear 2190 the rumbling from under earth began as the ICBM silos opened their sleepy eyes. In an instant the plagues of the old world leapt into the dark sky, and as the horrified survivors watched they turned on their little utopia. In 2191 the final flash of human life flared and burnt out.

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