Girl of Flame and Smoke

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Submitted: June 26, 2016

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Submitted: June 26, 2016



Black flames rise up beneath her, rain pours down over her. The darkness closes in around her, pressing in, filling every crease of her clothing, her mouth, her eyes, her ears. A distant light tears through the darkness, a searing knot in the wall of darkness. An anchor summoning lost souls. The girl shakes the darkness from her clothing, lurched towards the light. The darkness reaches out with inky wispy fingers wrapping around her. Her mouth opens to scream, darkness floods into it. Her hands reach desperately towards the light. Black smoke wraps around her fingers, pulling them behind her. The rain turns a shade of ruddy red, like blood falling at twilight. The rain plunges through the darkness into the black flames. The flames reach upwards, embracing the bloody rain. The flames and blood mix, exploding upwards. The girl glances behind, bloody rain flying from her twisting hair. Her mouth falls open, then snaps shut, teeth set. She twists and hurls herself away from the darkness. The darkness forms into monstrous figures of swirling black smoke and blood. They soar above her. They dance beneath her. They surround her. The ground beneath her shakes, the black flames become frenzied under her feet, reaching for her. She falls to the ground, putrid black smoke pouring from her mouth. She stumbles again to her feet, pushing the darkness from her. The shaking beneath her stills. The world freezes. Then explodes. The bloody flames shoot skyward, grabbing at the darkness, pulling the black fire higher. The darkness leaks from the girl, consuming the distant light. Flames shoot from her mouth. Golden and black cracks fly down her uplifted finger tips, enveloping her skin. She opens her mouth to cry out and intermixed fire and darkness pour from it, pulling her into the black sky. Or is it the ground? She lies rigid, suspended in inky blackness. Her mouth lies open, leaking black smoke. The cracks in her skin spread and widen. Flames pour from them and dance over her body. The smoke swirls about her, the flames inside her. She falls. A golden figure of blackened smoke and blood falling into the endless darkness. A pinpoint in the darkness. Gone.

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