Tragic Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of a young man's passionate love for this young beautiful Woman he loved. Inspired by 3 young Gentlemen who had the similar experiences who'd Love to share the story.

Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016



Tragic Love

Written by: Rafael F. Castro

Story by: Rafael F. Castro, Christian White & Ricardo Figueroa


People are laughing

Her heart is screaming.

Claiming she loves me

Or was I dreaming


Glaring her beautiful eyes,

right into mine.

Connecting our souls as one,

As we walk the line.


A precious treasure,

From what I can see.

More beautiful than a sapphire,

She may be.


As she know I loved her,

from the very start.

Even when I see her smile,

I feel young at Heart.


Our love is magic,

which may be true.

If she were to go,

I don’t know what I’d do.


She’s very beautiful,

very admiring.

She may struggle at times,

but won’t stop trying.


Stick and stones,

may break our bones.

But I never wanted to see her that day,

All alone.


Our Hearts showed passion,

with a new type of love.

I’m thankful for her,

because of the man above.


I pour my heart to her,

But it seems like she doesn’t care.

Doubting that she even loved me,

without being a dare.


Try to confide in her,

as it is plain to see.

But what really hurts is,

That she acts like she doesn’t know me.


What did I need to show her,

that I am the best.

Treat her like my Queen,

better than the rest.


Even when I was away,

feeling the worst before then.

I was naturally forced to stay away,

No matter how much I wanted to see her again.


She had no idea,

on where I’ve been.

She even made mistakes,

and that’s very human.


For us, it’s a heartache,

For others it’s a show.

But what they don’t know,

Is how far would love go.


May not be perfect,

but definitely worth it.

She stole my heart,

And she deserves it.


I would love to the end

I’d love her to death.

My last words would be I Love You

As I take my last breath.


Her love may be an illusion,

It may be a blur.

Instead of Friends, Fame and Fortune,

I’d rather have her.


For all the Money in the world,

I’d rather have her instaed.

Even for one kiss,

on My Deathbed.


Impossible Love

Maybe so.

But even when I pass away

‘I’ll Never Let Go’


I loved her with my life

Every single day.

And if I couldn’t

I’d Rather Let God Take Me Away.


Being around her,

Was like being in heaven.

Felt like a dream

but never wanted it to end.


It takes a few seconds to say hello,

but forever to say goodbye.

But my Love for her,

I will never deny.


She’s not just a Angel

Just sent from above

She is the one,

I Truly Love


It’s not just to show

How far Love can go,

But a story of a Tragic Love

Everyone should know.

© Copyright 2020 Rafael. All rights reserved.

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