Project: Goddess

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the discovery of an ancient civilization and its remnants: an enormous android, titled "project: goddess".

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Submitted: June 26, 2016

A survivor of a horrifying disaster leaves a single note for whoever would find it centuries later, before suiciding.

Random and unnecessary info: 1618125 is "Pray" spelled out in numbers. P-16, R-18, A-1, Y-25.

Note: Hello to everyone that reads this and the following chapters :) Still an amateur writer, just publishing a story I always wanted to write about. If you can leave any dumb errors or suggestions/questions in the comments below, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm constantly going back to finished chapters to edit them again due to my lack of skill...but thanks for reading! (If you comeback in a day or two after a chapter is published, it's gonna change. Sometimes an entire new paragraph can be seen.....) Read Chapter

Rock bottom

Submitted: June 27, 2016

Just another typical day for a young and working Perian teenager, Rain. turns out to be a very special day...

Random and unnecessary info: Peria's "adulthood" age is15 (working, drinking, etc.) One can drop out of school and start working at 15 if desired. Part-time jobs and such are also available at that age. The setting is set to the current timeframe (2016) but the laws were changed up a bit to my taste. Read Chapter

What in the world did I just run into?

Submitted: June 28, 2016

After falling down to god-knows-where, Rain looks for an exit. But he ends up finding something more than just an exit...?

Random and unnecessary info: "dutls vmfhwprxm rkwhd" - "Project Goddess activating" if written in Korean keyboard. If you tried googling what language it is or if you tried to pronounce it, well...hahaha sorry XD (Although it has like one vowel, so you can kinda figure out it's not a language.) Read Chapter

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