Where Did I Go Wrong?

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Hey guys sorry I haven't been on in a while I've been busy and I put writing off to the side. Even with my book, in the past month or so I have only written up till chapter 4 so yeah it's a work in progess

Submitted: June 28, 2016

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It's kind of fuuny, isn't it? That our whole world can be changed by a single word, a "meaningless" action, a mistake. We've all been there, said something we wish we didn't, do something we didn't know would turn out bad, fuck even making a simple error and having it being one of the biggest in our life. We paint our own story on the walls, we carve our own paths and yet we blame them on the people that did us wrong because maybe, yes maybe we did them wrong. Why must people go? Why do they have to leave? We do something wrong and then they go balistic? Don't listen to our sorry's, our cries of pain, our begs for them to stay and yet they still spit in our faces and kick us to the ground. I messed up the one true good thing I had and I did my best but it wasn't good enough I guess. That's how life is, we are not good enough for anybody, so we think. We are good for the people we love and claim to love us, doing wrong doesn't mean they should destroy you, doing wrong means they shoulf listen to what you have to say and see if you deserve another chance which you should but people are cruel and they don't care only about themselves. The best they'll ever have will always be us, the people they use to love. As for us the people like me, the broken, the weak, the sad and depressed...the best we ever had will always be them. We will ask outselves where did we go wrong but the truth is where did they go wrong. I deserve the pain for doing what I did to my love and she deserves better although she'll never get better love she deserves better. Where did i go wrong? Answer is...I didn't I did my best to mkae it up, its here fault this happened to us and I am so happy I can finally say that. Also, for those of you like me who are discouraged about what you did to loose the person you loved, just remember this, we always end up happier then them anywas. 

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