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That your lips will always get the courage to spoil my lipstick before they give me a reason to spoil my mascara.

Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016



Am not writing this as a Poet and its not like am just playing with words. Am writing this as the mother of our unborn children, as that lady you'll say '' I DO '' to at the altar. As that daughter-in-law your mama and papa will be happy to have.

My name is Wendy Magoma, though I love it when called Magoma. Where I come from Magoma means banana leaves. Talking of banana, I would have loved to mention how a banana tastes like. But am sorry I won't, cause I'll just be giving you a clue of how I taste. My friends have always made fun of my height, that am short. Am slightly fat, maybe cause a tiny body couldn't store all my great personality.

My definition of beauty isn't being light skinned or having a tiny waist and carrying a great mass behind me, because even without the three I know am pretty. Yes, I am pretty because that's how you will notice me. The phrase '' BEAUTIFUL ONES HAVE NOT YET BEEN BORN'' must have been made maybe in 1995 or 1996 because I was born in 1998. It sounds crazy that I know your name before I meet you. Your name is BEHOLDER cause my beauty lies in your eyes.

Am a bit shy, I love looking myself at the mirror, am inlove with talking, I like singing, though my voice scares even the most courageous frog. I smile when happy and I don't cry when hurt. Crying has always been said to be a childish behaviour. It's a colourless and salty fluid that flows out of my eyes, when am hurt. A fluid that explains each letter of the word PAIN.

I know meeting you will be serendipitous, but I still don't know if it will change me from a word artist to a heart artist or maybe to a doctor, so that even when your love symptoms persist, you will always see me. I don't expect u to be fantastic but a little romantic won't hurt. That your words will be like the magic stick of my heart, to rekindle the feelings of love even when i feel empty in love.

That your lips will always get the courage to spoil my lipstick, before they give me a reason to spoil my mascara. That you'll never give me a reason to look for a shoulder to cry on but you'll give me a shoulder to cry on. That you will never let me starve of love. Hoping I will never loose your attention until that time we will be enjoying our pension in that our mansion you and I have always dreamt of.

I don't exactly know who you are or where you are, but I know you exist somewhere. Meanwhile be reading this till God brings us closer.

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