Dough Boy (poetic version)

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A poetic version of my short story 'Dough Boy' which explores what happens when everyone looks the other way and the bullying continues.

Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016



Dough Boy (Poetic Version).


As I walk through these doors the feeling of fear

Is always constantly growing

You and your thugs will be waiting for me

Which day, I have no way of knowing.


You'll walk through the halls, all suddenly cleared

Targets aimed firmly on victim

They all turn away, only wanting to say

We don't know who it was that hit him.”


But look, there's a new girl who stays in the hall

She knows not the rules of the game

She comes to my aid, shouts out unafraid,

When they hit her I feel so much shame.


But we become friends, me and this girl

Together we spend so much time

But the bullies and thugs don't understand love

And view us as victims for crime.


They wait for their chance to set it all up

We are both in for such a good beating

But she shouts and she screams, creates a big fuss

Unaware that in your game that's cheating.


So you and your family, yep they're all thugs

Decide that you'll go get some pay-back

You'll watch and you'll wait until she is alone

And then launch your so well planned attack.


The following Monday I'm waiting alone

You walk past me joking and jeering

A coldness goes through me, she wouldn't be late

What you have done I am fearing.


She's lying in hospital battered and torn

As if broken and cannot be mended

If only I'd been just a little bit brave

Or never this girl had befriended.


I've taken a gun and I'm laying in wait

I'll seize the first chance that I'm given

I'll press it so hard to your head, make you fear

Until your confession is forcefully driven.


You make me so sick thinking you are a god

That the rules they apply not to you

I've given my future to put an end to your reign

And ensure that you are finished too.



© Copyright 2018 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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