Breaking In

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What happens when a break-in goes wrong? Who is to blame for the shooting?
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Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016



Breaking In.


I told you to stay away from him. Didn't I? But oh, no. You knew best.” The girl's mother was obviously upset. “Now look where it's got you....”


She stopped talking as the two police officers entered the interview room along with a representative of child services. The police officers took seats on the other side of the desk to the girl and the woman; the social worker sat off to one side.


After being read her rights and after being cautioned, the girl spoke up. “I will tell you what really happened. That is what you want isn't it? The truth!” She turned towards her mother. “And you, just shut up. You really haven't got a clue.”


The police officers waited. The woman began to answer back then bit off her words. The girl began to recount the events of the previous night.


* * * * * * * * * *


It started last weekend when HE came round, demanding payment. He refused to give you any more time, said you paid all the rent or we would be out on the streets. You didn't realise I heard every word, did you? The walls in that over-priced dump are so thin I could almost hear every breath let alone every word.


You had no money. You had to repair the car or you'd not be able to get in to work to earn the money to pay this guy. Would he listen to reason? Not a bit of it. I could hear you crying as you went to your bedroom and opened the drawer that contained your jewellery. I knew exactly what you were going to give him as you only owned one thing of any value.


I silently pleaded with you, begged you not to do it. But you gave it to him anyway. And what did it buy you? Two lousy weeks! The only thing you had! It had been your mothers, your grandmothers, now it was his.


I listened to your tears all through that night. I pretended not to notice your red eyes, your tear-stained face in the morning. But I made a vow then and there that I would get this back.”


The girl pauses, reaches into her pocket and withdraws a ring that she drops onto the table. Her mother gasps, reaches out her hand then draws it back as though she has been burnt. It is obviously old and valuable.


And I did it. Obviously. Gary, who you are trying to blame for this whole thing came along with me so I didn't go alone. It wasn't his idea, but mine. I decided to break in and 'steal' it back. I was selling stuff myself to raise the money instead. He would have been paid every single cent.


But you couldn't make him wait, could you? And he certainly wasn't going to offer to. It was now or be out on the streets.


He has always been a pig and you know it. He carried out no repairs. Anything goes wrong, we have to sort it out ourselves. And did he knock the cost of such things off the rent? Not a chance.


I knew where he kept a spare key. I'd seen him retrieve it from there several times in the past. All I had to do was wait until it was late enough for him to be asleep. I asked Gary to meet me at 3am. I figured that that would be the safest time.


And it was all going so well. We got in easily enough. No alarm sounded and no light was on. All I had to do was figure out where he might have put it.


We searched as quietly as we could. We went through the drawers in the kitchen. We searched through his desk. We didn't find the ring but there was plenty of cash there for the taking if we were trying to rob him.”


She turned and stared directly at the two police officers. “Do go and check if you haven't already. You'll find at least $2,000 in used notes. It's in the second drawer down.”


We couldn't find it downstairs so I was going up. I told Gary to wait for me. One of us was bound to make less noise than two. He was fast asleep, totally oblivious. I searched where I could in the bedroom but came up with nothing.


I don't really know why I went into the bathroom. I was running out of ideas, I guess. I certainly never expected to find Mum's ring. There were clothes strewn around and I recognised the jeans from when he'd come round. And that ring that meant so much to my mother....he'd just carelessly left it in one of his pockets.


I wrapped it carefully and put it in my own jacket pocket. I was heading towards the bathroom door when I heard movement. I stayed still, listened, hoping he wasn't on his way to the bathroom.


I heard him shout, but not at me. Gary had been on his way up to warn me that it sounded as though he was waking up. He hadn't even got half way up the stairs. Did he warn Gary that he was armed? Did he give him a chance to just give himself up?

No! He just blindly shot down the stairs.


I couldn't see much as it was still dark but I saw Gary fall and I knew he was hit. I launched myself at him. I knew that if he turned round and saw me he would not even pause to shoot. But I didn't mean for him to get shot.


It was his finger on the trigger not mine. It was me he was aiming for. I moved his arm away from myself at the last minute and the gun went off. He went down like a ton of bricks and I phoned the emergency services and waited for you guys to show up.


Gary was alive but in pain. I wanted to help him but did not know how. Him, he wasn't moving, wasn't making a sound. I stayed right away from him. After all, he still had the gun.


And that is exactly what happened. The total and utter truth! If that makes me a murderer then that's what I am. I know he would have killed me!


The girl stopped talking and stared straight ahead. Her mother sat beside her and wept.

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