The Barter-man's Son

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Back in The Day, there was no internet, no E-Bay, there was the TINKER, and this is a poem about one.

Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016



Labordious Catuneus was a Tinker by trade

And a lot of his sales were things that he made.

Utensils and kettles, and pots and pans,

Many were formed with his hammer and hands.


All through the winter he toiled in the cold

But when springtime came calling, that's when he sold.

He loaded his wagon and hitch his horse

Then off he would go, to sell things, of course.


He traveled the dirt roads, to farms and ranches,

In brothels and saloons, he took his chances.

There were small towns, gold mines, coal mines too,

Sometimes he'd barter for something old, or new.


He was a Tinker, a trader, a barter-man, good.

From April to October he sold all the he could

But when November called the selling was done

It was back to his work shop, with that Barter-man's son.



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