Beautiful stanger

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Hi! guys this is a slam poetry about a man who is as beautiful as an angel but in reality he is a monster. But the girl still falls in love with him. Hope you all like it!

Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016



Beautiful Stranger

He looked beautiful.

Yes! So darn beautiful as he stood there under the stars, the moon hovering behind him. He looked like an angel standing there, bathed in soft moonlight. His broad shoulders, his narrow waist and his muscular arms gave me the shivers.

His chiseled face and his tousled brown hair made me want to touch him, to comb my fingers through his silky strands and to run my soft hands all over his face, gently. Oh so gently I would trace the arch of his face, the pale shadows under his eyes, the soft full lips…

I was lost. I was lost in him, in his beauty, in his grace, in his regality. Everything about him seemed beautiful…

He looked like an angel standing there, bathed in the soft moonlight. His broad shoulders, his narrow waist gave me the shivers.I was blinded by his beauty, his grace and his regality. I smiled at him, at a total stranger that he was. I smiled at him, waiting for him to smile that blinding smile that he was hiding.

 But he stared at me with hatred. A barely concealed hatred. His eyes were on fire. The fire was going to burn him. It was a fire full  of  hatred anger, frustration…

The fire was going to consume him and with him, I too was going to get burned.

He was beautiful but looks can be deceiving.

His beauty, his grace, his regality was simply a device to create an illusion.

Yes! It was an illusion!

It was all a delusion to keep people from seeing the ugliness lurking beneath the façade. Yes! It was all a façade and I was trapped in his carefully laid trap.

 But I was already a goner when he first graced me with his presence, but I knew that his hatred will burn me too, It will consume me.

At last as I looked into his eyes, a simple quote came to me. The quote was that looks can be deceiving and that sometimes demons walk around in an angel’s body.

I embraced the fire, reveling in his hatred, his frustration and ofcourse his angel body….


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