You Are

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Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016



You are

So, you are.

Your heart

And lungs

And kidneys

And teeth

And toes

And everything.

You are

So, you are


With your

S t r e t c h m a r k s

And freckles

And scars

And too-big moles

And too-fat toes

And too-long fingers

And too-small nose

And everything that is you

Is you.

And only you.

And everything that is

Part of you,

Your gray hairs

And your baby hairs

Your wrinkles

And your dimples

And your lumps

And your bumps

And all of your colors,

Are all yours

And only yours.

And the way your mind works

With its cogs

And gears

And clicks

And spins

Is so fascinating

And purely you

And purely beautiful

And perfectly different

From everyone else’s

And wouldn’t it be boring if we were all


The same?

And you can be the prettiest

The smartest

The bravest

The wisest

The kindest

The best

At being you

Because you are you

And you are.

And you can hold

And love

And care

And give

And make people glow

With laughter

And smiles

And you are so beautiful

And perfectly you

And how could you not love you?

Because you are the only you.

You are you

Stay true to the


That are you

And the little details

Like your

Bitten fingernails

Your painted fingernails

Your clipped fingernails

And your

Long hair

And your short hair

And your blond, brown, black, red,

Orange, green, blue, every color hair

And your ears

That are waiting to hear

So many new sounds

And so many old sounds

That bring them so much joy

And your crooked teeth

And crooked smile

And toothy grin

And everything that you are,

Because you are

And it is because you are,

That you are you

And you are imperfectly

Beautiful in every way

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