A story of a million bucks

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
someone who was lost in the middle of nowhere,Did he wanna go out ??

Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016




"Where am I"
"Anybody hear me"
This is what an old man said after he woke up and found himself in the middle of nowhere Nobody to talk to,Nothing to eat,No water   He wondered what happened to him to move on to that place.. And he had nothing to do about it... He just kept moving

--"Just what is that ? ,There are no plants,There is even no sand"


The man probably had nothing to do about it ,He just kept on moving,But then,The place turned 
grassy,And he saw the sun rising and trees everywhere ... The air was so beautiful and refreshing
He stayed in there for days,But when he got tired as he saw no people around,He decided to go on anyway,But then as the land and the weather changed,The land is muddy and the weather was so cold and it was raining,He saw somebody moving around,Wearing nothing "and I mean it" ,
He was just moving around like it was a paradise 

-"What is with you man,Put on some clothes"
Nobody home ,,, The man kept moving,But our old man decided to approach him and stop him,To talk to him and understand what is this place about ... 

-"Don't you really know what this place is ? " Asked the wierd man

--"And how could I do anyway?" Asked the angry old man .. 

-"It's the world of the dead,My dear friend" 

--"Oh,.... Wait wait ... What ??????" 

-"Didn't you hear me,We're dead people now"

--"And why do you seem so happy?" 

-"Because I left that world behind me"

--"Still don't know what makes you so happy?" Wondered the old man

-""Because I left the world where people kill each other,Attack eachother,Steal,Rob
Minipulate,Spy,Pollute ,These people were the true illness of that world,It has to fade away,But I faded away first,And I'm not bothered at all " 

--"Well,That is a good point,But what am I supposed to do now"

-"Just enjoy your time,Live and love,Things you couldn't do in your normal life" 

--"Well wait,I'm coming with you" said the old man who put off his clothes and followed the stranger 

You see,This is what I saw in the dead world,The story could seem to be useless for some of you 

Others will see it doesn't deserve to be even read ... 
To me and few people... 

It's a story of a million bucks

The End.

© Copyright 2020 Mora . All rights reserved.

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