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One...Step...Closer... Elena slowly walks across the edge of the fishing dock while out with her father at his lakefront home. What she finds are more than just fish.
This is a very short story. Enjoy and keep your mind imagining.

Submitted: June 28, 2016

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Submitted: June 28, 2016



It is spring break where all the normal teenagers go out and party, drink, have fun in Cancun or somewhere warm. Me? I'm stuck in total isolation with my father who could never produce a son. He has been planning this vacation ever since I was born, sixteen years ago. It is nice and all to hang out with my dad but fishing is definitely not what I had in mind. My dad was grand champ in catching the largest fish but does anyone realize how long that can take? Days! I don't want to be stuck here for the entire spring break but how my father described it, he was talking about the entire week.

"Elena! Come help me grab all my bait!" My dad calls me from his lakehouse that he recently bought after him and mom got divorced. Normally, I would refuse these types of getaways but it was rather going to Chicago with my mom or coming to the lake.

I enter the house and my dad is hunching over all the bags he is trying to take. I walk over and grab a couple dufflebags and hoist them over my shoulders. Walking away, I hear my dad begin huffing as if he ran an entire three miles. I quickly rush to the dock where his boat is and fling the bags into the boat, letting it shift. I fast walk back up to the house to grab a few more bags. My dad slaps my hand away and assures me that he can do this all on his own. I back away, letting him through the front door slowly but surely.

I follow behind my dad as we load the boat up with the rest of his stuff. With all this bait, I dont' know what he is thinking. I step into the boat and it rocks. It isn't one of those fancy boats either, it is one of the dingy looking boats like the rescue boats on the titanic. After my dad got in, he took the oars and started gliding through the water towards the center of the lake. I take in my surroundings of gross smelling waters, and bugs hanging around my ears.

"Dad, how long are we gonna stay out here?" I take out my sunscreen, massaging it anywhere there is skin exposed. My skin is just so pale that even gloomy evenings, I will get burned.

"For as long as we get a few great catches." He gets his fishing pole ready by putting the line on, then starts getting mine ready. I sigh in boredom as he hands me my rod. I look into the bag next to me that contains the gross minnows.

"Smell that fresh air? I love the outdoors, don't you Elena? I mean just you and me sitting in my little boat, bonding." He holds his head up high as he casts his line out into the waters. I do the same.

Sitting there in silence is just pure torture. I am a sixteen year old girl who should be out with friends or even out with her own boyfriend but nooo I am here with my My mom says it is best to get in as much father and daughter time as possible since we have no idea when he will be leaving us. My dad is sick, I mean really sick. They refuse to tell me what his sickness is but I know it is something he will not survive from. Knowing that, I guess that is another reason why I came here.

My dad looks over at me, smiling, "Do you like monster stories, Elena? You know, I have a really good one about..."

I interrupt my dad by holding my hand up, "I'm sorry, dad. I'm not a child anymore, I don't need anymore of your childish stories."

"Are you sure? It is based off of a true story by the previous owners who once lived here and appeared missing, then found dead on shore days later." He coughs up some flem after taking a massive breath.

"Dad, everyone knows those stories are never true. They may say based on a true story, but what they really are getting at is trying to see how many suckers will watch their movies and believe it." I slide my bangs behind my ears as I continue on with my fishing.

All of a sudden, I feel this freezing breeze that brushes across the lake. I look behind my dad and notice a dark disfigured shadow on the other side of the waters. Once I rub my eyes with my free hand, I look over to find the shadow is gone. Great, now I am imagining things.

A thick fog starts to form around the boat. It is so thick, I can hear my dad gasping for air. In a sudden moment, I hear a splash. I drop the fishing rod into the water and swipe my arms all around to see if any of the fog will clear for at least a few seconds. My dad is gone. I shift over to his side of the boat and lean over the water, hoping to see air bubbles so I can pull him out. No luck. I reach my hand down, maybe he didn't go to far down. I feel something slimy, not quite like a dolphin skin but seaweed. I am thinking that is could just be floating seaweed that I pulled down from reaching down but I start to feel more of it as I grab. Something sharp slides across my wrist causing my hand to release and my body to pull back. I look at my wrist to see blood gushing down my arm and onto my leg.

I shut my eyes and breathe in and out deeply. Maybe a fish did this? No, impossible, I fish can't cleanly slice a human wrist. The boat begins to rock more violently as if something is trying to push it over. I immediately grab the oars before the fell and began to glide through the water. I realize that I am not going anywhere and the oars have become heavier, so heavy that I release them and they fall into the depths of the lake. My one way out is now gone. There is no way I am going to try to swim with whatever is down there.

A jolt from the other side of the boat made me turn around. I could barely see what hit inside. I sway my arms around frantically to give me some vision on what is on the boat with me. I see an arm, ripped violently from its body. The vein still intact with inside but nothing on the other end of it. Blood pours like a waterfall into the boat, actually flooding it slightly. I hear water splashing and a body hits the boat. I recognize the red flannel shirt that is now covered in stains...Dad... My body begins to panic that whoever did this is after me now. I turn every corner to see if the monster will come in any of the angles but all became quiet.

The fog is still steadily thick around me but I can hear the bugs again. My heart is racing, my body is shaking. Being my blonde self I decide to speak out, "Who's out there?" I figure that there won't be an answer but I am wrong.

A disheveled deep voice arises from the water, I cannot see who the voice belongs to but I know it is there, "Need...blood...Need...blood..." Its breath heaves as it repeats over and over its shocking words that makes my heart nearly explode.

I scream out but stop once I realize I am in an isolate lakefront. I shut my eyes. I'm not ready to die but if this is my last day...I need to prepare...I hold my breath, stand up on the seats of the boat, and fall back into the water. Once I hit, I open my eyes to see the dark light showing through, my air escaping. I hear whisping around me. The monster is near and I'm its next victim.

It grabs hold of my leg as it pulls me deeper, further away from the surface. My body tries to hold onto every breath it has left before letting me out of my misery. My body is torturing me by keeping me alive. I can feel something tear. It feels as though an achor has been released from my ankles, yet my arms are tied to the boat. I am ripping. Red starts to stain the water around me...dark red...I couldn't feel the pain anymore but I am not yet dead. I shake my torso to see if the monster is gone but it is still there. I can feel its slimey claws wrapping around my stomach. It's sharp nails jamming into my flesh, causing even more red liquid to be released. It is tearing out my organs, one by one... but the last organ, the one organ that is keeping me kept last. It wants me to feel the torture of its victims. When it finally reaches my heart, it squeezes it slowly, ripping it from my opened chest. I look up once more before my soul finally became released.

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