Chapter 1: The beginning

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Jaden get up!”

 “Mom please let me sleep for another five minutes.” I uttered in half sleep.

“It’s already ten. How long will you sleep in the morning? Now get up!” She chided.

It was Sunday so my Mom did not wake me up early in the morning.

Mom is my alarm clock. No other device could have waked me up early in the morning. I was already 18 years old but still I couldn’t get up on my own. I loved to sleep. I don’t think that there was any harm in that.

Every child’s alarm clock is their mother. It is a universal truth.

I quickly got up and saw the clock which was on the wall behind me. The clock was the result of my hard work. It was really ten.

I said, “Oh fish. How can I forget? I have such an important thing to do. Come on Jaden. You can’t be so careless.”

I brushed my teeth, splashed water on my face and dried it with my personal towel which I never allowed anyone else to use.

I went to my small laboratory. My room was not for me to stay but for the outsiders to see. I used to spend my entire days in my lab except for the night time. Cleaning the place was not what I did and hence, it was very dirty. It was actually above my room. A ladder was attached to one of the walls through which I had to climb up to reach my lab. It was full of iron pieces, magnets, wires and other materials of my use. I kept on making new gadgets and other small devices. All was just a big secret. No one knew about my inventions.

The size of my lab was not more than that of an ordinary stable. I did all sort of stupid experiments here. I was actually working on a device. I did not know the name of it. The work of it was to take us to a place which was very far from my house. I did not know its power. The distance had to be mentioned by the user. It was almost complete. I just had to make some final arrangements.

I had just started doing my work when my mom shouted, “Jaden, have your breakfast.”

I could not deny her since I was feeling very hungry. I decided to have something before starting my work.

I replied, “Okay Mom. I am coming.”

I quickly rushed to the dining table and sat on my chair. The food seemed to be tasty. My Mom always made something delicious on Sundays. There were pancakes with maple syrup on top and my favourite mango juice.

The food was so yummy that I had around three pancakes and one full glass of juice.

After my tummy was full, what happened was, “Buurrppp…”

I said, “Thank you so much Mom for the yummy breakfast. Love you Mom.”

“Love you too my son. Today is Sunday so you don’t have to study. And yes, don’t do stupid experiments in your lab. Last time you broke my vase.” She said in a serious tone.

“I had already told you sorry for that incident. I am saying again. I am sorry. But today I am up to something very important and of course interesting. You will never know my potentials. Huh! You just keep on restricting me.”

“No Jaden. You are taking me wrong. I restrict you for your good.”

“Just leave it” I said in a frustrated tone.

I hurried to my lab to complete my work.

Did I forget to mention something very important about me?

Oh! I was unaware of my intelligence. I had no notion about how much potential I had within me. School had even once awarded me for being the best Science student when I was in tenth standard. I think I definitely was very intelligent, rather the most intelligent boy.

My device was finally ready within the next three hours. Now it was time to test it. I did not know whether it would work or not. I was a little scared to use it.

“What if it takes me to some unknown place and never brings me back? It may take me to some dangerous place? It may get damaged and stop working in the middle and I may get stuck there for years? Or maybe I will never be able to escape from there?”

All sorts of unjustified thoughts were going on in my mind.

Finally I remembered what my Mom always said. She used to say, “Victory kneels down before those, who believe they can and those are the ones who can win over their fear.

This motivated me a lot and I decided to test my device. Rather I should call it a machine. The machine wasn’t a very big one.

I did not make it so since I did not want it to be a problem for me in the future. I had no space to keep such a big gadget. Moreover, my mom would have chided and thrown it out of my house if she came to know about it.

I entered into the biggest question mark of my life. The question mark was none other than the machine, my greatest invention till that day. I had made a wrist watch which would bring me back to my lab. It contained a green button and nothing else. It was just like a simple wrist band.

I made the machine in such a way that no one else would have been able to use it until I permitted. It would ask for a password which no one except me knew. I did not want anyone to be in trouble just because of me and my invention.

I entered the desired password and it showed the message, “Accepted”.

Now I could enter the distance I want and even enter some specifications.

I was feeling very proud of myself. After all I had made such a great invention. I said, “You are a Genius Jaden”.

I started thinking of places I liked. The first place that came to my mind was Paris but then I remembered that I had already been to this place some years ago with my father. Some more places came to my mind but all faded within seconds. This time I did not think of any more places. I just randomly thought of a number and entered, “500 light years” and pressed the OKAY button. A big blunder was what I did. I planned to enter “500 kilometers” but my mistake I had entered “500 light years”

Since I was a Science student, I knew the value of one light year very clearly. A light year is the distance that light travels in one year and the speed of light is 299792458 m/s. I was sure that was going to put me in a serious trouble.

As soon as I pressed the OKAY button, I could see nothing else around me. It was all dark. I could feel the speed. I was a bit scared since my mistake could have caused great danger but I was very excited too. Before I could think of anything else, within just a few seconds, I was no more in my lab.

I saw myself standing on sap green grass. I found myself in totally a different place.

Submitted: June 28, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Sania Risha Mondal. All rights reserved.


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