Chapter 2: VD 500

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I stood still without even a single movement. There was a total silence of thirty-awkward seconds. I was trying to help myself agree that my machine, my invention had finally worked.

Before looking at anything or anywhere, I shouted in excitement, “Yeah, I did it. My machine worked. My hard work did not fail. You are a genius Jaden. I am proud of you.”

We become excited not only when we are happy but also when we are scared and confused.

After a minute, all my excitement vanished when things came into view. I uttered, “I have made a big blunder. Light years. No. I am sure I am no more on Earth. Where am I? 500 light years. Not a joke. I just hope I won’t get into any sort of trouble. May my visit to this place be a good one. God please save me.”

A mistake can sometimes result into something huge.

I was excited but at the same time I was frightened too.

By this time I knew that I was in a scary forest. I never saw such dark coloured grass. The size of the grasses was four times more than that of Earths. I started to walk. I found trees, many trees. The weird thing about these trees was that their leaves were not green in colour. Instead they were dark red. The colour was so dark that it seemed to be brown. It wasn’t any kind of beautiful place. I could not see the sky since the leaves of the trees formed a canopy which did not allow much sunlight to penetrate. I could see the views since a very little light penetrated through the canopy. The colour of the light wasn’t yellow or white. Instead, it was purple in colour. I was both shocked and confused.

While walking I found many creatures. They weren’t the common ones. I had never seen them before. Some were jumping from one tree to another. They looked a lot like monkeys but their body colour was dark violet. Their ears were long and were straight. I even saw many butterflies but they were very scary. They were dark coloured and huge in size. Among all the butterflies, almost ninety percent had a tint of black colour on their wings. I saw some more creatures which I wouldn’t like to describe. Honestly, they looked horrible. I kept on walking in the dark like a blind person. I did not come out of the forest even after walking for three continuous hours. I was quite intelligent so I could make out the time even without a watch. It might have been two in the afternoon. I was very tired and hungry too.

I could see many wild fruits and berries which were again very dark in colour. I could not resist my hunger when I saw something like an apple hanging in one of the many trees of the forest. I quickly went towards the tree and uttered, “Everything is so weird here. I am not sure whether it would be safe to have this fruit or not. It looks just like an apple but it is dark violet in colour. I am too hungry. God please save me if this is poisonous.”

Without saying anything more I just pulled out one of those apples and took a bite of it. I said,

“It’s so juicy and sweet. I have never had such an apple ever before. This is really yum. But why is it so heavy? Its weight is many times heavier than that of normal apple.”

I had hundreds of questions but answers to none. I finished the whole apple and continued to walk again. I did not want to stay in the forest for a long time. I was feeling very scared.

Finally, after five hours of tiring walk, I could see a little brightness. I rushed towards it. I was really surprised at what I saw.  It was six in the evening as far as I could make out.

I said, “Oh my God. Dark violet sky. It’s looking like it is night here. I need water. I will die due to this thirst. Where is water?”

After a few meters, I could see a lake sort of thing. I ran towards it.

I said, “What? Is this really water? How can the colour of water be violet? It’s just impossible. Should I drink this?”

After thinking for a few minutes I finally decided to take a sip of the water that was running through in the lake. The lake seemed to have been crying. It wasn’t flowing with joy. When I touched the liquid, I found it to be denser than normal water. I could not wait any more so I just drank a little of it with the help of my hand.

I exclaimed, “Uhh! It’s tasteless. It tastes worse than water.”

I sat on the sap green grass since I had no energy left to take even a single step forward. I am really very perplexed. I was in such a situation which made me feel totally helpless. I did not utter a single word for the next half an hour. There was complete silence since no one else was present there except me. I couldn’t see any person nearby.

After a long rest, I broke the silence.

“I just can’t believe my eyes. How can a place be so scary? I thought that my machine would take me to some beautiful and amazing place but my machine just ditched me. I think I should just press the green button on my wrist band and go back to my home.”

Some things sometimes do not happen according to our wish.

As soon as I extended my right arm to press the button, I found the band missing. I was even more scared now.

“This is not done. Where is my wrist band? I think it fell in the forest. Should I go inside the forest, the weird forest to find it out? No not again. I can’t bear the sight once more.”

“Oh God, What should I do now? How will I go back home? I am missing my home, my planet. I can’t stay here, in this weird and scary place. I don’t even know which place is this. This is the first time I am bound to regret on my invention?”

I stopped for a while and shouted to the top of my voice, “Is there anyone here? I need help.”I felt totally hopeless but I heard someone say, “We are here.” This sound gave me a little hope and I stood up in surprise.

This was the sweetest voice I had ever heard before. In front of me was standing a beautiful girl. Her dress was just like the ones which I saw angels wearing just in pictures and fantasy books. The gown was hiding her legs. Her hair was golden coloured. Her face was so pretty. Her figure was no less than a model. I kept on staring at her until I heard another voice.

“Hello Boy.”

This time it was a male voice. He was standing just beside the angel (the girl). His attire was also just like a prince. “You are Jaden. Aren’t you?”

I uttered in extreme confusion, “Y… ye… yes… But do you know my name?”

“Welcome to VD 500. We know more than what you know about yourself.”

“VD 500?”

This time the beautiful angel answered, “Yes. VD 500. It is the name of our planet. You are right now standing in VD 500. Well, VD stands for Violet in Danger. It is 500 light years away from your planet Earth so we named our planet VD 500.”

“We will tell you everything. But first come with us to our palace. And don’t be afraid of us. We won’t harm you. We are your friends.”

I had no other option than trusting them. I agreed to them. There were already three horses ready for us. We all rode through the forest without any conversation in between since I was very tired. The journey wasn’t a very long one. According to my calculation, it just took us fifteen minutes to reach the palace.”

I was spell bound when I saw the palace. It wasn’t a palace. It was a castle. I had always seen them and read about them in my story books. I felt amazing when I saw it. I did not say anything for a few minutes.

“Jaden come inside. There is a lot for you inside. You are our guest. You are our hero.” The boy uttered in a welcoming tone.

All these confused me but my confusions got suppressed by my excitement and amazement.

I came down of my horse and the angel and the boy also did the same. We started to walk towards the door of the castle which was very huge. As soon as we stood in front of the door, it opened.

Submitted: July 11, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Sania Risha Mondal. All rights reserved.


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