Chapter 3: The Castle

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Several people were standing on either sides of the door, inside the castle. Some were even holding plates in their hands which were full of rose petals. I was sure that all of them were there ready to welcome us, rather to welcome me. I even saw some pretty little butterflies, rather pretty little angels flying here and there inside the castle. It looked magical. Some cute fairies of different sizes were flying high inside the castle. They had pretty wings on their back which flickered as they flew.

I was feeling a bit awkward since all of them were staring at me. Before entering the castle, I noticed a heart shaped diamond embedded very high on the wall of the castle. It was beautiful and sparkled little since there wasn’t much sun light but it wasn’t complete. I saw only half of it. I whispered to myself in confusion, “Why is it half? Where is the other half?”

Prince interrupted me and said, “Please go forward and enter the castle.” I nodded my head and started to walk inside.

People started dropping rose petals on us as I walked in and before me, the boy and the girl and after me the guards who looked like soldiers. I felt like a king at that moment. All this was just unimaginable for me. I never even thought in my dreams that I would be welcomed in this way ever in my life but everything was happening in real.

A hearty welcome can vanish off a whole lot of tiredness and stress.

After a long walk, I stopped as the boy and the girl stood still. I saw a man in beards wearing a crown sitting on the throne on a platform that was just about a meter high from the ground. He was wearing clothes of muslin and it was all embroidered in gold. It seemed to be very expensive. The throne was made of gold and it glittered as if it had magic in it. A milk white diamond shone intensely fixed on the crest rail of the throne. It was covered with intriguing floral designs.

The man spoke, “Hello Mr. Jaden. Welcome to the world of VD 500. It’s a pleasure for all of us to have you here. I am Edward Collins, the King of this planet. In front of you are Prince Cal and Princess Stella.”

“Thank you so much Sir. But how come you all know me? Why am I brought to this castle?

“Don’t worry Jaden. You will get to know everything very soon. But for now you should go and freshen up. I am sure you are very tired after the long journey.”

King Edward ordered, “Guards take him to his room.”

Two of the guards took to me my room. The castle was like a confounding maze. So many turns I had to take to reach my room. I was really confused.  What so ever the route was, I must mention that the interior of this huge castle had astounded me. It was all made of mirrors, gold, silver and those curtains were so beautiful. I had passed through almost ten rooms before I had reached my room.

I was astonished to see my room. It was marvelous. The bed was a royal one which I had seen in movies and the furnitures were all antique. I continued to stare at it for a long time until one of the guards uttered, “Sir, this is your room.” He opened the cupboard and kept a suit on the bed and said, “Sir, this is the dress you have to wear.”

I was not very comfortable after looking at the clothes. I asked, “Do you have my type of clothes? I mean the clothes I am wearing now- jeans and t-shirt.”

The guard seemed to be confused. “No Sir. Royal people wear heavy clothes.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

“Sir, if you want anything just give me a shout. I will be standing outside your room”


Sometimes I think why people have to do things which are uncomfortable for them just to maintain their status.

The guards left the room. I quickly took a shower and wore my new clothes, rater royal clothes.

“Uff... This is too heavy. But I can’t deny that it’s gorgeous.”

I felt like a potentate. After about thirty minutes, I saw two little angels flying into my room with a cup of tea in their hand. They kept it on the table that was placed before the sofa in my room. They were very pretty. When I smiled, they smiled back and said, “Tea for you sir.”

I said, “Thank you little angels.”

They smiled again and flew away from the room.

I had my tea and sat on the bed. I was totally exhausted so I just lay down, closed my eyes and went to sleep, a deep sleep. When I woke up I saw the world outside through the big window and it was darker than ever. It was terrifying. I was a bit shocked and bemused too.

I uttered, “What a grotesque world! Here, days and night are both dark. Rather nights are darker. How can these beautiful creatures live here? It’s really very queer.”

The world we see sometimes is just confusion. It is not the real or it is just that we cannot see the real world.

I looked at the clock that was on the left wall. It was made of wood and was carved beautifully with designs. I said, “Of fish. It was too long a sleep. I had been sleeping since I came here. What must be King Edward and others thinking about me. What a guest?”

Suddenly a guard standing at the door said, “Sir, the dinner is ready. Our majesty and other royals are waiting for you to come.”

Í did not let him go away since I was sure that I would be strayed in this huge bemusing maze.  I went along with him.

The thing that I still think about is: the more the big and beautiful a thing is, the more it is puzzled and confusing.

When I reached the dining hall, I saw many royals sitting one after the other on the chairs of the dining table. I thought, “What a huge family! The table is too big. Isn’t it? The whole planet will fit in it.”

Kind Edward said, “There you are Mr. Jaden. Come, sit beside me.”

I walked to him. He was sitting on the biggest chair. It seemed to be the kings.  I sat on the chair beside him. I was surprised to see what was on the table. “OMG! So many dishes. It looks so delicious. Wow, plates and cutlery made of silver. Royals are so lucky. ”, I thought.

I was happier to see Princess Stella sitting right across me. She looked beautiful. She looked at me and gave the prettiest smile.

It was a startling moment when I saw around fifty little angels advancing towards the table.  They served us all and rested still behind the royals.

I enjoyed the food very much. It was succulent. Most of the time I kept on looking at Princess Stella. According to me, she was the centre of attraction of the whole planet.

Food tastes more delicious when we have it with amazing people.

After everyone finished, King Edward said, “There shall be a grand breakfast tomorrow. After all Mr. Jaden is here.”

Looking at me, he said, “Mr. Jaden, you shall go and rest today. You can talk to Stella and Cal if you want. They will always be there to help you out. I will tell you something very important tomorrow after the breakfast.”

I became very curious after hearing his words. I replied, “Okay Sir. Good night.”

Everyone went to their respective rooms and I along with the guard who brought me to the table, went back to my room.

It was just nine when I saw the clock. I uttered, “I just woke up. I won’t be feeling sleepy now. I should sit and think about something.”

Sitting on the sofa, I started to think, “If the colour of the things in this world would have been lighter it would have looked beautiful. But it isn’t so. It is so ugly. Was it always the same?”

“No it wasn’t” – It was Princess Stella and Prince Cal in my room.

“Uh! You both are here. Please come and sit.” They sat.

I asked, “What did you mean by that?”

“Our world wasn’t the same before. It was the most beautiful in the whole universe. Something worst happened which made our world look the ugliest.” said Stella and she bursted into tears.

Some incidents just change everything. Some ruins and some rebuilds.

“What!” I exclaimed.

This time it was Cal. “Yes Jaden It’s true. Father will tell you everything tomorrow. For now we should go. I think you should take some rest.”

Stella controlled herself and said with her trembling lips, “Bye. Good night” and they both left.

It was already 10:30 and so I just went to sleep since I knew that if I don’t do so my curiosity will keep on increasing.

Sleep at night is must to know what surprise the next morning would give us. 

Submitted: July 11, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Sania Risha Mondal. All rights reserved.


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