Chapter 4: The Grand Breakfast

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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On Earth, beams of white light rays used to fall on my face which entered into my room through the window with opened panes. It wasn’t the same in VD 500. I felt a strong light fall on my face. It was so bright that it woke me up.

I went near the window and saw the sky with a light violet texture. The sun was bright and the light which it gave was violet too. That was the first time when I saw a world with a tint of violet in it. That morning, VD 500 didn’t look very ugly.

Suddenly I found Stella knocking at my door. I was very happy to see her in my room early in the morning. She was wearing a lavender coloured satin gown. Her hair was tied into a messy bun. Her energy filled face boosted up my energy.

Days become better when started after looking at someone very special.

I uttered in excitement, “Good morning princess. Please come in.”

She walked in and came nearer to me. She spoke, “Good morning Jaden. I hope you had a good sleep.”

“Yes. Why did you come to my room Princess? You could have just asked me and I would have been there in your room.”

“That’s not a problem Jaden. I don’t like guests working. You can call me just Stella.”I smiled a little and asked her to come nearer to the window. I spoke, “Today, your planet is looking quite good, at least better than yesterday.”

“Yeah. Actually it is morning so everything is looking so bright and pretty. Again after about a few hours, it will turn to what it was like before, the darkest and the ugliest.”

“Ah! I see. VD 500 is not the ugliest planet. The planet in which reside beautiful people like you cannot be the ugliest. It is bound to be the prettiest. Every bit of this place is full of life and magic.”

“I see. You have got flair at speeches. Thank you so much Jaden.”

As soon as Stella clapped twice, a maid entered my room with something on the plate in her hands. I couldn’t see what it was since it was covered with a red muslin cloth. Stella removed the red cloth with her soft white hands.  “Jaden, this is for you. Your clothes. You are going wear this for the grand breakfast that father has organized just for you.” Stella declared with elegance in her voice.

Those clothes seemed to be very expensive. I exclaimed, “Oh my God! It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. I would love to wear it.”

“You take a bath, wear these clothes, get ready and come down. You will find everyone in the hall downstairs.” She spoke these few words and walked out of my room.

I did as she told me to do. I looked at myself and said, “Wow Jaden. This is just unimaginable. You look just like a king.” I was also blushing. “What is happening to me? Whenever I see Stella, my heart beats faster than ever. I feel good when she is around. I think I have fallen for her. Should I tell her? She might not have the same feelings as I do. Or if she feels bad?”

All my concentration on my words and feelings vanished as a guard standing at the door said, “Are you ready Sir? I am here to take you down.”I was ready by that time so I just went along with him. Within the next five minutes, I found myself among the many royals including King Edward and Cal.

I thought, “Ah! Where is Stella? Everyone is here. Isn’t so? Where is she?”

King Edward and Cal saw me and said, “There you are Mr. Jaden. We were all waiting for you. We all welcome you to this grand breakfast.”

After a few minutes everyone stopped their conversations when a beautiful lady came down the stairs. She was dressed all in pinks and looked gorgeous. Her sleeveless gown revealed her milk white shoulders. Her hair was tied into a bun at the back and strands of hair impelled hither and thither on her face. Like all others, I just couldn’t remove my eyes from her. She was Stella.

She came down to her father, King Edward. He complimented, “Ah! There you are my pretty princess.”

“Thank you father.” This is what she said in reply.

I said to her, “You are looking beautiful.”

“Thank you Jaden.” She replied.

“My pleasure Princess.”

King Edward announced loudly, “Attention please. Let us all take our seats and start our breakfast.”

Within the next few minutes everyone was sitting on their respective seats in the dining hall. In front of me was Stella sitting with grace in her face. Towards my left was King and to the right of me was Prince Cal. The food was a bit different. In the middle was a dish kept in a big golden bowl. It looked very delicious. Soon, the little fairies served the food to us.

Stella said, “Jaden, the dish in the middle is our traditional food made of apple.”

I gave her a smile and ate the food. It was really very tasty. At the end of the main course we were served a drink which seemed to be their traditional drink. It was sweet and bitter too.

We all went back to the hall and started to talk to each other. I got to know more about the people and could understand that they were very patriotic and honest. They seemed to be quite kind and just.

When everything was done and everyone was gone, King Edward took me to the garden and we sat on the two thrones that were placed under a shady tree. In front of us was a wooden table with a glass centre.

The king ordered, “Get me our Royal Book.” The guard was back within a short while with a big fat book in his hand. He kept it on the table. The book cover was dark brown in colour and it seemed to be a very old and a legendary book.

Books with the tag royal always have got some mysteries inside.

King Edward uttered, “Mr. Jaden, this is our Royal Rook as we call it. I will tell you the history of this planet. Be ready to dive into the pool of darkness.”

I thought in curiosity, “Wow! This is interesting. But I just hope this is for fun and no other problems.”

Problems are like winds, can enter in anyone’s life.

Submitted: July 22, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Sania Risha Mondal. All rights reserved.


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