(The Mysterious Piano)

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Submitted: June 28, 2016

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Submitted: June 28, 2016



(The Mysterious Piano)

(The Mystery Piano)


The door slammed behind me. I was alone in the room…. or was I? The room was pitch black and I struggled to breathe in the air. I started to shiver it felt like a ghost followed me in. I started to walk towards the window hoping to see if there was a small sight of light. I could feel wood over them this means they have been boarded up so I had to stay in the darkness. “Oh no,” I muttered to myself. I heard a sound… it came from behind me! I turned around slow to see what it was and there was no one. It was not the sound of a human although it just put my nerves on edge.


I panicked. I looked around the room to see if there was a place I could hide. I guessed the sound came from the other side of the door. I ran to the opposite side of the room. I hid behind the largest object in my line of sight. It was a piano. As I hid there was a shiver down the back of my spine. It was from the wall behind me. The sound felt like it was getting closer and closer towards me really slowly and it sounded like slithering. This made the blood rush through my veins.  


The sound was close and after a while stopped. I heard a creak as the lid of the piano was opened followed by the sound of the keys being jingled. Then whatever it was played a slow sad song. After a while it suddenly stopped. Then I heard a loud knock on the door. I was so scared my heart almost bounded out of my chest. I looked up and a pair of yellow eyes was glaring at me. I know this was not a human so I tried to call it down to see what it was but it just ran off. I saw its tail. It was a fox. I tried to get out of the room. I was trapped with a playing piano. I felt around the wall to see if there was an axe. There was nothing and the air started to get weaker and weaker. I passed out.


As I slowly opened my eyes I saw a strange man standing over the top of me. I knew this was a hallucination because it was still dark and the piano started to play again. I know I was trapped in there. Somehow the fox got in the dark room and started to creep slowly towards me. As it got closer and closer its eyes turned red. This meant it was angry with me. The foxes red eyes stood there and watch me I slowly started to get up because I needed to find a way out. The piano was still playing on its own I through was still going mad. I look around round the room to see if I can find a torch and there was one laying on the floor agents the west wall of the room where I could see crack in the brick wall I look through the hole and all I could see was trees.


My instincts told me I was near a forest or in a wooded area of some kind I could hear water flowing which meant there was a water fall. I look around the room again and the fox’s eyes were still glaring at me and they were still red so I picked up the torch and look for the door. I found the door it was make for reinforced iron so I had no chance getting out that way. I look round the room once again and the piano was still playing but this is not the reason I look round the room I was trying to find something to make the hole in the wall bigger I found a sharp rusty pipe agent the south wall were the wood had start to rot and the floor had started to decay the torch.

I was holding started to fade away slowly. I grabbed the sharp rusty pipe and went back to the hole in the wall and tried to make it bigger but I was having now luck with the pipe. As I hit the wall with the rusty pipe it broke in half I was back to square one. So I look around the room again to see if there was anything else in the room. But the torch was fading out as I saw something out of the comer of my eye. All I saw was shadows of trees through the window I am now going crazy keep thinking I will get out of this small hell hole of a room. The snakes were still around me but were not crushing me. The fox was still looking at me with its red eyes with was strange I thought it would have come at me or is it scared of the snakes now that’s a now one fox being scared of snakes or dose it want to be my friend I will never know.

 The torch was still a light in the corner If could get to I may be able to kill the snakes around me I wonder if I could try and communicate with the fox and ask him to bring the torch to me is this worth a try or just a waste of time. So I looked at the fox and the fox look at my eyes i don't how it was working slowly the fox know what I was trying to say but I was taking time in the end he understood what I was telling him stood up and slowly walk around the snakes to the torch. He was a t the torch opened his mouth griped the end and walked it back to me and dropped it on the floor were the snakes were. It work the snakes ran back in to the walls and left me a long now all I had to do was try get rid of the venom inside me before I pass out again……………........


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