The Collection

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A thief gets greedy.

Submitted: June 28, 2016

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Submitted: June 28, 2016



The collection

Baaq looked at the gated mansion with it's roaming guards. He had to find a way in. Sneaking from tree to tree as silent as a ghost he scanned the area for any weak points. He watched for a while and found that a small section on the east side was unattended for about thirty seconds or so. Then two guards would appear around the corner to catch anyone who would try to scale the wall. Which also was a daunting twelve feet high. It would be quite a feat to accomplish and he knew that if he was caught, he would be killed instantly. The only thing that drew him to this danger was the Rayeh horn. An antelope horn four feet long made of solid gold and encrusted with precious gems. It is said that it's worth is so immense that the queen herself tried to purchase it but was not able to afford it. This night would decide his fate. Baaq got as close as he could to the area to scale and waited. It had to be timed perfectly. The moment came and he moved in on adrenaline. He glided across the grass effortlessly and swiftly. Once at the wall, he removed his specialized silent grappling hook and aimed. It hit the mark and he allowed himself a brief smile. Then his blood ran cold as he heard one of the guards coming back early. He climbed the wall like never before and was over and into safety in seconds. Crouching in the shadows Baaq stopped to catch his breath and surprisingly there were no guards on the premises. The place was huge and seemed abandoned if it hadn't been for one faint light lit at one of the upper windows. Ivy grew quite thickly around the entire strucure. He knew by the looks of it that it could easily double as a ladder. He had no map of the inside but knew approximately where the horn was located. The center back of the place was where it was said to be. Although he was merely going on hearsay and a few bribed ex-guards who had never seen it but heard it talked about repeatedly by it's owner and close family. He took the safest route up the ivy. The moonless night helped conceal him. Every little noise he made, he would stop and look around to make sure no one spotted him. He finally reached the window, lock picks in hand, but to his surprise it was not locked. Peeking in, he saw and heard nobody.


Once inside he was awed by the gorgeous room. It was furnished with gold and silver. Rare woods and silks. It was a sight to behold. Just a few items here would be enough to set him for life. But the lure of the horn was too much. Tiptoeing across the room , minding not to knock over anything precious, he opened the door and looked out. A long corridor stretched to the left and right. Ornate oil lamps were lit and hung above each door making shadows few and far between. It was a chance to take walking in plain view to the back of the mansion. " I came this far." He thought. "Why stop now." First he checked for alarms and traps. The only thing he noticed was a trip wire which he simply stepped over. The owners had paid so much attention guarding the outside that they never thought about what if someone were to succeed in breaking in. At the end of the hall stood two doors opposite of each other. They looked identical except for the fact that behind one of them was the prize. Upon further inspection, he noticed that the right door had a key hole yet the other did not. One door could be locked but the other couldn't. It was obvious at that point which was the correct one. He carefully tried the handle and with no surprise found it locked. Taking out the lock picks he started his mastery. Thirty seconds later he heard the faint but familiar click and proceeded to open the door.


He opened it only a little fearing a trap. The room seemed to be grand and fairly well lit. He opened it a little more. The floor was made of pure white marble and the walls were covered with long broad strips of red coloured silk. They were drapped from ceiling to floor. Baaq slipped into the room to find the most amazing site. The place contained a dozen or so gold statues. Some were sculptures of men, some of women. For a moment, he forgot about his quest seeing all that gold when his attention was drawn to the center of the room. There it was, the horn. The most prized posession in the land resting in the hands of a statue. It's jewels shone and sparkled in the light. He was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Even though he was beside himself with excitement he still remained wary. Inches away from it now, the urgency to grab it and escape immediately flooded his senses. He held the front and back firmly and placing his shoulder beneath the arc of it, hoisted it up. It weighed more than it seemed and the prospect of getting it over the wall was mind boggling. The first few steps were slow and painful but soon his pace quickened. Then, in horror, Baaq felt the treasure slip from his bruised shoulder. With all his might he managed not to let it fall. That would have definitely woken everyone in the mansion and two houses down.


Steadying himself as best he could he started another attempt at escape. Something was wrong this time though. His body felt weaker and he was struck with light-headedness. Not wanting to be caught Baaq decided to lay the horn down rather than have it come crashing down. The room appeared to spin and for once the thought of all this being a bad idea crossed his mind. The only thing that felt important now was getting out. Stumbling forward he realized his legs would not cooperate any longer. He was paralyzed from the knees down and it was spreading.

-Bravo! A booming voice suddenly came from one of the few shadowy spots in the corner of the room.

-I'm surprised that you lasted this long. Usually when one touches the cursed horn it takes merely seconds to turn to gold.

Stepping forward was the master of the mansion.

-Help me. Please remove the curse. Baaq pleaded.

-There is no way to stop it. He said laughing loudly.

-You will make an excellent piece for my collection. All these statues were once thieves just like you. You came here to rob me of my gold and now you will add to it. He laughed heartily again as Baaq began to scream for help. No one heard his cries but many more were added to the collection.


The End

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