The Elements

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Adalyn

Submitted: July 16, 2016

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Submitted: July 16, 2016



I used to be fascinated with the Element gods. I would sit in Grandmother Evie's one room home, watching the fire crackle happily in the fire place. And there, she would tell me stories of the Element gods. How they used to see the humans as equals. We weren't always seen as insignificant as we are now. God and human lived together in peace and harmony. The gods would even throw lavish parties in their homes, and humans always joined in the festivities.

Grandmother would tell me of the water gods, who would cause beads of dew to float in the air. The beads would swirl with lovely blues and greens, and wrap around the dance floor and around the guests. Humans would smile at the beauty of it all.

When humans were hot, or tired from dancing and laughing, air gods would manipulate clouds to come down from the skies to create the most comfortable chairs and pillows to sit on and a lovely breeze would flow through the room.

Earth gods created the most beautiful flowers simply by holding out their palm and swirling their fingers a few times. They created bouquets for the parties, and lovely foliage crowns and chains for the children.

And of course, the fire gods. The fire gods, grandmother would say, rubbed their hands together, and a white hot glow would eminate from their skin. All they would do is blow on their palms, and dancing flames would burst from no where. They were often the entertainers for the evening, fascinating human and god alike.

I would hang on every word, imagining what it would be like to see such limitless, awesome power from these stars that fell from the sky. Grandmother said they were human like creatures, more beautiful than any thing I had ever laid eyes on.

"How do they get their power, grandmother?" I questioned. Surely beings that powerful had some sort of magic that fueled their abilities.

Grandmother would stand, and hobble to her kitchen hutch. She moved some plates around and pull something out of it. She grunted when she sat again, and unwrapped the most beautiful, stone I had ever laid eyes on. It had a faint glow surrounding it, and when I ran my fingers across it, I gasped at a pleasent warmth it gave off. It was perfectly round, and clear. I could see all the lines of grandmother's hand through the stone, almost as if nothing was there.

"This, is a star."

I felt my eyes widen when grandmother placed the star in my cradled hands. It was the exact size of my 6 year old palm, and felt lighter than I anticipated.

"A star?" I would whisper.

Grandmother would nod and smirk.

"Twice a year, once during the winter solstice, and once during the summer, the moon shines so brightly, that you can see it's beams clearly. The beams are attracted to the these stars, that hang off the necks of the gods. The moon fills the stars with its's beams and fuels their power."

And then she would fall silent, and stare at my face with sad eyes. She would run a hand down my cheek and cradle my chin.

"Adalyn." She would say, her tone switching from warm rememberance to cold truth. "Don't ever let a god touch you."

I would nod, and look at the star again. Her hand would cover the star and take it from me.

"I mean it Adalyn." She scolded. "If they touch you, you will die."

I have seen that first hand. How a single touch from a god would severly harm human flesh. And prolonged exposure would kill us humans. Wether it was drowning in thin air, or feeling as if you were being buried alive and not even being in the ground.

We are cowards now. The humans have stopped fighting, and live in fear. Most of them hide when the gods ivory and golden carriages pass through here. They don't stop anymore to torment us. We are no longer worth their time.

And soon, we will no longer exist.

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