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Many talented people round the world need support,And we gotta stand beside them.

Submitted: June 28, 2016

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Submitted: June 28, 2016



We new beginners,In any field you could imagine,Writers,Scientists,The new generation in general,We need some support from other people,Because we posses the "Passion" towards what we wanna do,But in the time of now,They only consider "money" ... Think of it,They'll choose experts and ignore your talent .. 

They will choose the CV rather than your passion,To me,They just don't believe in talents,And this is what we lack today ... 

But once your talent is discovered,All eyes are on you and keep supporting you,Though it seems wierd,I mean ... Weren't you the same people who held us back,Why supporting now ? 

Because the want your talent for money,This is how it is unfortunately,So,Till you get discovered and be just more lucky than others,You just gotta wait to see if are lucky as few other people .. 
Or you'll just be another talent wasted by moneyseekers .. 


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