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I felt how it was to read

Submitted: June 28, 2016

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Submitted: June 28, 2016




Like a stranger, unknown words knock on the consciousness of the mind
Still bound by the walled world, Dripping, Oozing of Fear
Fear induced through the needle of imaginable future
And fear Spreaded by the Present day scars

But the Glowing Insistant words lend their hand to the trying mind
To lift it out of the dank dark hole
Persisting to tease the cornered animal
into the warm, parchmented world of the written scroll

The mind sees without eyes, As if a soul peering through an outlandish entity
Whatever the words whisper, whether turbulant clouds or a blood-dripping sword
But soon, The mind draws back, Tired from the ease,
Pulled back, Unknowingly, Unwantingly, into the Familiar pain.

And the Dance prevails between the two lovers
Words caressing the distorted mind, patiently
The mind learning the language the words speak
And with evermore ease, swooning sleepily into Dreams

Light trinkling into emotions Inked in by thoughts
Thoughts that bullied the winged mind, rendering it flightless
Scaring it sightless, whipping it worthless, torturing it Tearless
No more.

The lips of the words had found the mind's, salty wet ones
The Mind now recognized the heart of its savior, Had remembered
The door had opened, and the hole was lost far behind
Drunk on the kiss, the mind galloped, unstopping, Uncaring

And From the first rays of sun, the mind tasted
The tingling essence of ten thousand things glinting
Heard Unimaginable stories, of moors and of seas,
Cried with hurt and laughed with Mending laughter, Of the words

They were intertwined, the words with the grateful mind
And with every touch, the enchanting words would call the mind
Into whatever fantasies that struck it, About a tree or a brook
Such was the Story, of whenever the hand touched the book.



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