I Miss You, Daddy

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My dad passed away last October. Today memories and thoughts were coming to mind. The only way to deal with loss is to write. At least that is what I think. These are the things that were on my mind. Not so sure the rhyming is good or not. It seems that I must rhyme when I write my poems. I guess it is odd, or maybe it is all how you look at it. I hope you will find it a descent read without getting too depressed. I guess it could bring back memories to anyone who was close to their dad. I had wanted to post a poem for him on Father's Day, but the words would not come at that time. For some reason, today was the day.

Submitted: June 28, 2016

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Submitted: June 28, 2016





I Miss You, Daddy


You woke up early, before daylight.

Getting ready for work, you did it right.

While sipping your coffee and putting on your socks,

you'd rubbed your feet and watched the clock.


When it was time for you to go

you'd say, “goodbye” and a kiss, you'd throw.

Working all day down at the sawmill,

you'd earn the money to pay the bills.


Unselfishly, you'd cut and bruise your hands

while chopping the wood and running the band.

I can't remember ever going without,

but sadly remember at times I'd pout.


Those memories go back to way back when

you'd pinch my nose and tug my chin

and toss me up into the air,

then hug my neck and rub my hair.


I'll always remember the daddy you were.

Others might say, “It's all just a blur.”

You said, “Your a chip, right off the old block.”

But to me you were always solid as a rock.


You were good and kind to all those you met.

If a shirt was needed you'd give it, I'll bet.

Always in search of that happy ending.

Just thinking about it is still heart-rending.


In later years we'd drink coffee together

and sit and talk about the weather.

You loved to rock and sing to grand-kids

and laughed at all the little things that they did.


If only I'd known our time was so short,

I might have given more support.

As I look into these skies of blue,

I miss you daddy and I'll always love you.




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