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Submitted: June 29, 2016

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Submitted: June 29, 2016



In a world where it is becoming more and more difficult to find an unmet need or a product that finds its niche in the market, companies going one step further continue to emerge. It’s often not a question of inventing the wheel, but of knowing how to adapt something that already exists. Give it a touch of modernity or distinction. The key is to be highly creative and make the most of your ingenuity.

An example of how to go a step further in an existing business is Scandic To Go. Based in Sweden, the concept is simple: a deluxe, 18-square-metre room, which can be installed wherever the customer wants. It has room service, breakfast and, of course, the spectacular views the guest wishes.

Other examples to consider are a couple that have emerged related to putting our accounts and savings in order. is a tool that literally forces you to save. Its algorithm calculates how much money you can save a month based on your income and spending and directly sets aside the amount from your account.

Acorns also sets aside money from your account without asking any questions, but for a very different purpose. Whenever you make a payment using your card, the tool withdraws the spare change rounded up to the next euro and automatically invests it in stocks, investment funds and other financial products. In this way, your income grows without you realizing it.

Another idea I love, especially for its usefulness to entrepreneurs, is the one developed by Onfido. Several companies such as Dropbox and Spotify have already invested in it. A solution was needed for a typical problem of startups in a phase of rapid expansion.

They frequently need to hire a high number of staff in a short period of time and don’t have enough income to finance a human resources department to accurately review all the CVs. Onfido makes the first background checks professionally and effectively. It’s even interesting for large companies due to cost savings.

We could also mention Blink and its online vision testing service, very useful in these days of widespread online sales. Or Stukers, a website dedicated to analysing profiles to find the perfect flatmates according to your taste and personality.

New companies emerged from creative and original ideas that will provide inspiration for future entrepreneurs. The key, as I always say, is to have that idea that covers a need or that seeks its target. Making the idea grow and turning it into a successful business is a matter of hard work and perseverance. So, entrepreneurs, go for it! I just can’t wait to see what you’re capable !

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