Moon Glow

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Don't under-estimate the power of the moon and a tabby cat!

Submitted: June 29, 2016

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Submitted: June 29, 2016



Moon Glow.


You saw me earlier in your garden. Do you remember? You bent down to stroke my head and I curled myself around your leg. I gave you a little purr before I ran swiftly out of your sight again. I saw you follow my departure with your eyes although you did not try to follow me.


And you adored me. I could feel it in your touch. I did not even have to use my not inconsiderable powers to put you under my spell. All I had to do was offer myself as a momentary comfort.


From that one fleeting touch I can tell that you are a gentle person. One that allows themselves to genuinely care. I know I could become quite attached to you but that is not my task. Your heart could easily be mine to capture but it has already been claimed by my mistress.


She has watched you from afar although you have never seen her. She sees the same thing I do, I think. Someone who would care so deeply, share so much. Someone who would willingly lay their life on the line for her, as she would for you.


Once she has made up her mind there will be no stopping her. She will bewitch you, turn your mind to only her. She will instil in you a slow burning passion that will not be extinguished. You, as I have, will become dedicated to her.


But it is not a one-way process. She has declared her dedication to you by her selection. You will never have a moment's worry about her love and she will always be true to you.


Enough of this. You do not understand me. You do not even know that I am still here, waiting for the perfect moment to make my presence obvious to you once more.


It is cloudy now, damp and drizzly. But it will clear tonight and when the moon is shining bright I will make my move. And in your innocence you will welcome me. If you should ever learn of my trickery you will no longer care.


My mistress has told me many times about how she chose me to be her constant companion and familiar. The cat of a witch is traditionally black. The superstitious may regard such felines with hesitancy, a slight mistrust. But my fur is tabby, a mixture of blacks and greys, with a touch of white. Nobody will eye me with suspicion as I go about her and my business.


The sun is starting to set. I watch you from my hiding place under the bushes. You really do look so sad! But not for much longer. Once the spell is done your life will be transformed. She will ensure that you are always feeling content.


The clouds are starting to drift away and there is the moon. She is yet a distance away but already makes a perfect silver circle in the sky. The golden glimmers of the stars beside her are nothing in comparison to her magnificence. She is cool, but beautiful in her detachment. Her power is so under-estimated.


The moon moves further up in the sky, seeming to grow ever larger. It is time for me to make my move while the moon glow and it's magic are at their strongest. I am confident that it will not take me long to conclude my task.


Your curtains are closed but that matters not. I nimbly jump onto your window ledge. I tap at the glass of your window and utter a plaintive meow. Just as I am about to call to you again I see the fabric of your curtain move. You look at me, give a sad smile. You put your hand to the glass and I pretend to rub my head against it. I purr so loudly that you are sure to hear.


I knew you would not be able to resist me. Your hand reaches out to the latch that holds your window closed. You release it and invite me in. By doing so you have put yourself in my power.


You offer me some food. You pour me out some milk. There is just one last step for me to perform before my task is done but I am in no hurry. I am going to enjoy the luxury of your undivided attention for a while. I am a cat after all, and she will have you soon enough.


You pick me up and I snuggle against you, moulding myself to your shape. I let your scent fill my senses. I could stay here with you. She would let us go. Without my help her spell will not be completed and I could keep your full attention just for myself.


The temptation is strong but I will deny it. She is my mistress, my life. I exist primarily to serve her and that is what I shall do. Without her, my life would have been so very different.


I turn to you and lick your skin with my rough sandpaper tongue. Tiny skin cells adhere to it and it is these that I am to take to her. With these she can bind you to herself forever more. As I lick, you start to smile, to laugh. It is only when I give you a nip, just enough to draw blood, that you frown.


But now time is of the essence. I must make haste and return to my mistress while the cells are fresh. I jump from your arms and head to the door. I can sense your disappointment. You do not want me to leave. I have given you both company and comfort. Reluctantly you open the door to set me free and in so doing give up your own free will.


The spell will be complete soon, finished under the moon's fading glow. You and she will meet and that will seal your future. You may lose your freedom to chose, but she will bring you such contentment and peace. You will know such happiness as very few achieve.


And I will be there, content in the love that the three of us will share.

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