My Psychiatrist

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Submitted: June 29, 2016

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Submitted: June 29, 2016



I see them everyday. Or rather, I know they're there everyday. Watching me and judging me, they burn their eyes on my body in every direction. There's no room for me to have my own privacy anymore.

"Now lets review what you've just described."

I opened my eyes to see a familiar door to the office of my counselor's, Mrs Thin. The whizzing fan overhead provide little to no protection from the heat of sunny afternoon as I felt the ticklish wet droplet of sweat running down my forehead. Mrs Thin was sitting at her usual chair, her right leg over her left, as she scribbled something on her paper. Probably the same Q & A for all other patients she had handled.

"Seems like your condition have gotten worst from our previous session. Did anything happened in between those days?"

I raked my head but nothing came to mind other than the usual.

"Anything?" She probed, curling a long strand of her brunette hair around her pen. "Even the smallest difference helps."

Well, I went to my nephew's birthday last weekend. A lot of people came to the party; family and some of his friends he invited.

"I see," She leaned back on her seat. "Was there any point where you were the main focus of everyone's attention?"

I was picked out to help with some magic tricks for some magician they've hired but that's it. Nothing more.

"During that time you felt nothing?"

I tried to remember. Their eyes were wide open. White and black, a mixture of patterns and then suddenly, for a moment, mixed and matched -

"Hold it right there!" Mrs Thin shouted.

I blinked. What just happened?

"You were drifting off." She explained. "That explains why you had no memories of that incident."


Mrs Thin sighed and slowly but carefully break down the whole story to me.

As she told the tale, fragments of my memories finally came together in my brain and I nearly puked right then and there.

This is how it happened, or rather how I see it happened. An email was sent to me from my brother out of the blue about his son's upcoming birthday bash. Surprisingly, it was an extended invitation for me to attend the party. Why it was so surprising? Simple. Me and my brother had never communicate with each other for so many years now.
Heck, my world had just suddenly expanded. Me, an aunt. Imagine that.

"I need a volunteer! Anyone?"

Hands after hands started to shoot out from the clump of children sitting in front of my brother's hired magician. Just like most of the adults there, I hang back watching the eager eyes of the children trying to get the magician's attention. It was ironic, really. I was way at the back of the whole crowd - I didn't even raise my hands - but I was still picked to act out in the magic trick.
That was when everything happened. All eyes were on me and I saw them. The eyes that was watching. The eyes that judges. They were all over my view. Big. Small. It didn't really matter. They were everywhere. I felt trapped. I couldn't breathe. I need to stop them.
I snapped. By the time the adults knew, I was flailing about, gorging out the children's eyes from their sockets. It took them hours to calm me down before I fainted.

"Looks like our time is up," Mrs Thin announced, bring my mind back to the present. "I'll prescribed you with some drugs that will make it easier for you to sleep."

I don't think I will ever deserve to get any sleep. Those children. Their parents. They have it worst than any guilt I feel.

"Oh come now, don't be like that," Mrs Thin smiled. "You did the job wonderfully. More better than I could ever expect of you."

I looked up. My eyes wide. The sight of her warm smile had already been long gone. I suddenly remembered something. The quizzical face my brother gave me when I came to the party. The strain smile he always had when he was containing his displeasure on his face.

"Did you finally figure it out?" Mrs Thin chuckled. "Guards, take her away!"

The clanking of the metal door unlocked and came in two burly guards in blue. I screamed, the chains and strong arms were the only thing that came in between me and assaulting that bitch.

The last thing I remembered was hearing the evil laughter of the mastermind behind my misery world echoing through the hallway.

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