Three people

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My people's tale ( Romanians ) from my ( subjective ) point of view.

Submitted: June 29, 2016

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Submitted: June 29, 2016



Three shadows loomed over our souls,

Through ages we fought,

Divided we stood, our future uncertain,

Our blood engulfed in the sea of history.


A bloody tide our lords have wrought upon the world.

Loved by the people, feared by the shadows,

A beacon of hope they were,

For those lost in this dark sea of history.


Countless lives and futures were lost

As the shadows battled on the life-grasping hopes,

Yet our people paid their destinies,

As they fought the bloody tides of history.


Three people forged into one

In the fires of the past.

So many crumbled, so many have fought...

Yet now we stand as one

Against this crimson sea of history.


Two fires engulfed the world,

Yet we stood our ground,

Our most holy ground,

In this dark sea of history.


Giant shadows encroached on our hearts.

One after the other they fell,

As we struggled with a fiery hope in our eyes

Against this crimson tide of history.




Among the last we shattered the red iron bonds,

But we stand reforged by the battles we fought,

By the loses we’ve endured...

In this bloody sea of history.


Honour the past,

Honour those who gave their lives for our chance at a better destiny!

Beware the future for it might be darker than the past.

Brothers and sisters, stand as one

Against the crimson tide of history!

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