Rose's Obsession

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Rose finds short stories written by her caregiver. The one she is obsessed with.

Submitted: June 29, 2016

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Submitted: June 29, 2016



Little Rose knew only too well that she was not supposed to see the stories written by her beloved caregiver, her mommy figure. Rose knew that she had been going online and writing short stories for a while and the young girls curiosity drove her to find out where they were and read them. Rose waited, sleeping peacefully in her bed until she heard the audible sound of the front door opening and closing as her beloved left off to work early in the morning. Quickly Rose hopped up out of bed and silently rushed to her laptop to begin the search. It took a bit longer then expected, as it was nearly noon by the time the young girl found the correct website, now she only needed to find the right... Ah, there we are, found it thanks to knowing her mommies middle name. With a quick cheery clap of her hands Rose wriggled her bottom into the chair she sat on to get herself comfortable before she clicked on the link to the first story posted, something about a gift.

 As the next few minutes passed so did several looks upon the soft skin on her young face, surprise, momentary shock, unrecognized desire. With flushed cheeks Rose swallowed visibly and without hesitation she moved the mouse to click onto the next story, becoming lost in the writings as the time seemed to pass by fairly quickly. Soon enough she was left with only hours before her beloved Toriel would return. She bit her lips together in apprehension before quickly favoriting the page on her browser and closing her laptop. With everything she read staying fresh in her mind, the little one couldn't help the thoughts that ran rampant, keeping her on edge and giving her tingles. As she recalled the scene of the young girl being hit her lips parted and her breathing slowed as if she were imagining herself being abused in such a way, to be shown love in such a way intrigued her so but she couldn't explain it. A sound caught her attention and she snapped her head up, looking at the time once more and again somehow she had lost another half hour. Rushing into the bathroom she pulled down her capris and her favorite Star Wars panties before plopping down on her soft tush to go potty. The evidence of having read the stories very clearly glistening in the middle of her panties, though she didn't notice it until after she pulled them back up, giving her a cold chill against her young developing body.

 She knew she would have to wait another day to prepare her own special gift, simply thinking about it brought a look of both excitement and fear to her soft features. Her bright blue hues locked onto the front door knowing it would open any minute for her mothers return. After all she had some planning to do, she would need time alone to get everything done that she wanted. Forcing herself to take a few deep breaths she stilled in attempt to force calm over her senses for she knew if her mommy saw her in any other way that she would know right away her little one was up to something. Instead, the moment the door opened she nearly squeaked with a burst of excitement and launched herself at the unsuspecting figure, who would have been pushed down if not for her knowledge of Rose being prone to such actions as well as her being very tough, something her little Rose loved very much. Rose was able to remain clingy and excited for as long as she was allowed before being peeled off of the body she was still trying to cling too.


Rose waited patiently, though she didn't have to wait long for she knew her mother had an early start and so would have to go to sleep early. Being allowed to stay up some nights she took full advantage of this after silencing her laptops speakers. She needed to do research to learn how to do what she wanted to do. She only needed to learn how, since she knew her mommy kept a nice collection of gear that she thought was well hidden, it always made her cheeks burn when she explored them, even though at first she did not know what they were, only after she ran across the hentai manga her mommy had did she begin to understand. Rose had taken a small rope while Toriel showered before bed, and had hidden it in her chair so she could easily access it now. Photos crossed the laptop screen showing women bound in ropes, only increasing her desire to continue. She could be seen with the rope in her small fingers, attempting to make knots and special cuffs from rope. following both picture and video until she believed she could do it again without looking.

Hours into the night Rose finally closed her laptop and stood, stretching and yawning before quickly heading to bed after hiding her rope once again.


 It was already morning and Toriel was already gone to work by the time Rose awoke. Her heart was pumping as she pulled out the bag with what she would need for her plans. Once it was finally all set out she only needed to wait so she could be complete shortly before the arrival of her beloved. Rose took several deep breaths while looking at the time, thinking about what she might be able to do to pass the time. She went into the kitchen and brought out cold water, pouring herself a glass to try to calm her nerves for what she was going to attempt.


Finally after watching a few episodes of American Dad on Netflix Rose moved back to the bedroom and to the bed, viewing the layout she had made hours before. The many ropes, the metal bars, the ball gag she now held in her small hand, feeling its slight roughness on her skin, once more her breathing was increasing. Rose whined softly before she stuck out her tongue and licked the gag, making a face to the rubbery flavor it gave off. Her tongue was wet with her saliva and she easily pushed the ball into her mouth though it was a tight fit and the ropes off the sides rubbed at the corner of her lips uncomfortably but she endured it and tied it off behind her head with the knots she learned the night before. Her heart was pounding in her chest so hard she had to place her hands over her chest to try to calm herself, the beating so hard it could be felt against her palms.

 Her gaze fell onto the rope cuffs she had made before as well, and she began to connect the metal poles she planned to use. It had to be completed before she could use it on herself since she had no assistance. Linking the rope through one more metal hole she took a moment to look over her creation, the metal making almost a box, with rope at the two top corners to connect to her wrists and another loose rope with a semi large loop at the end hanging from the middle, she tested it, slipping the loop over her head and letting the rough rope slide over her nose and down past her chin, falling to rest against her shoulders and her neck. Swallowing once more she tilted her head so she could see the end of the rope so she could grab it. Pulling on the rope gave the reaction she expected, though mostly because it was made by her mommy, she only made the cuffs, which seemed sturdy enough but the one around her neck actually had a use, as it easily tightened around her thin throat as she pulled the other end, which reached out and could be placed on a hook to keep it held taught.

 Leaving the looped rope around her neck, with her heart continuing to race, her body heated and her ears seeming to rush with blood, the only thing she could hear as she worked her little fingers. Sliding her fingers through the smaller loops of the cuffs she made herself, effectively locking her wrist in place. Making it harder for her to hook her second wrist into the other rope cuff on the other end but she finally got it, rushing at this point since she did not have access to a clock, therefore having no way to know how much time she had until her precious mommy returned. Her gut churned as she thought of the things her Toriel might do to her once she finds her. Drool was already collecting behind her gag and sliding down the corners of her lips to her chin and further down. She was bare, only wearing her favorite pair of panties besides all the rope. The way it was set up left her with two options, to stand on her tip toes or to kneel on the edge of the bed which caused the middle rope to ever so slightly choke her, heavy breathing could be heard as she attempted to breath from her nose to calm herself. A vain attempt as with every moment that passed she was only hyped up further, knowing the impending session though she has no way of knowing how Toriel will react, she had hopes that by attempting to copy part of her stories that it would be known what her intentions are.

 The door finally opened and for a moment Rose stopped breathing, simply waiting to see the beautiful, dangerous face of her beloved. Her face shown with obvious fear and anticipation as almost glowing eyes met hers and for a moment Toriel seemed frozen in the doorway. Her body being taken over by a shiver, giving her exposed flesh goosebumps, and giving away her secret desire. Rose swallowed hard once and let her bright blue eyes fall on Toriel, as if gauging for her reaction. No words offered, no notes left, purely a surprise for her love, her own way of asking to receive true love from her beloved Toriel. The last thing Rose remembered was giving off a soft whimper to call to her Toriel, a muffled, almost wet sound because of her gag.


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