Tales of Great Fortune XXVII - A tale of aging

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The Great Trenlin's ordeals at home are in sharp contrast with his successes as a capable fortune teller in his business capacity.

Submitted: June 29, 2016

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Submitted: June 29, 2016




The Great Trenlin immediately knew he almost suffered a heart attack when the deafining sound of the cheer met him when upon opening his own front door. Executing his breathing exercises, he saw his wife, the love of his life. She approached him with a golden smile and a little bit too much gloss on her lips.
A warm embrace was followed by three tender kisses as she clamped his shoulders. The Great Trenlin could not help but consider himself a lucky man in a dark world. What a joy it was to have a wife who exumed as much enthusiasm upon his return from another hard yet fruitful day at work.
"Happy birthday, Trenly darling!"
"Thank you, love," the Great Trenlin replied, clearly remembering his birthday.
"Happy birthday, sir!"
"Porric! I guess the old cough is suddenly better, isn't it?"
"That was just a false pretense to leave work earlier, sir."
The Great Trenlin wasn't surprised at this heavy lack of work ethics from his underling. Glimpses of laziness had been sent to him via universal channels unknown to the common man. The evidence was staggering and the next performance review meeting would surely prove to be interesting.
"Why, Porric, I see you even got through the trouble to wear a tie. I guess you did not feel like spending an extra 10 minutes at work and save you the time?"
"Indeed sir. One does not have a birthday every year."
"How do you like the tie, sir?"
"It is very nice, Porric. It would look even better if you wear it around your neck, like everyone else."
Porric blinked as he fell silent for a while.
"Please, Trenly darling, leave him alone for a moment. On a day like this, let's stay positive."
"O. Like a battery?"
"Shut up, Porric."
"Like Lance Armstrong then?"
"You have no idea what you are talking about, Porric. Go practice your card reading, will you?"
"Let it go, darling... Here, let me show you something."
He followed his wife into the living room and sat down in the sofa.
"Close your eyes, Ttenly darling."
The Great Trenlin bursted into laughing.
"Really? What difference would that make? I am a fortune teller, love. Your ways are far from mysterious to me."
"Come on, darling. Do it for me."
With a great sigh, the Great Trenlin closed his eyes and chuckled. As expected, his wife called onto Porric to bring in his gift.
"Porric? You can bring it in now."
The Great Trenlin could clearly feel, see almost, his co-worker struggling to carry his present. He tried to ignore the sighs and moans that filled the air as he attempted to rely upon his skills to unravel the mystery of the gift. 
Almost disappointed, he once again realized that even his wife's greatest efforts weren't sufficient to keep a secret from the Great Trenlin. The future, he reckoned, was crystal clear.
"Careful, Porric!" he heard his wife say, "You can put it right in front of him."
"Sure, ma'am.'
The resounding bang hushed the beginning of the Great Trenlin's high-pitched scream as Porric dropped his present right on his toes. 

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