The Wedding

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Submitted: June 29, 2016

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Submitted: June 29, 2016



“It is raining again. Hopefully it will be sunny on my wedding day.” Ivy is sitting in a cozy sofa chair by the window in her room. She is staring at outside and thinking. Ivy is getting married in two weeks, but she is still searching for the biggest part of the wedding – a venue.
Ivy’s significant the other name’s John, a PhD. His is majoring in Calculus and currently working at a university as a professor. John is not Ivy’s type at all. He is dull and not good at socializing. This is entirely different from what Ivy expects her husband should be. She wants a successful business man – tall, good looking, and good at socializing. He can take her to all of these fancy parties and expensive restaurants. She desires a high class lifestyle. However, in reality she is just an ordinary girl who lives in an ordinary life.
The wedding or should say, this marriage is more like a decision that made out of spite. Ivy doesn’t want to live the life that controlled by her mother anymore, so she told her mother that she wants to move in with John. Her mother was strongly against it, and told her that the only way that she can live with John is they get married.
“I will not let you move in with him without being married.” Ivy’s mother said to her seriously.
“Fine! I will marry him then! So I can start my own life!” Ivy responded angrily.
Now, Ivy is working towards her new life – a life with freedom.
Ivy doesn’t know what she really wants for her “big day”. She wants to be like a princess, but her wedding dress is actually borrowed from a photographer friend, and her dress for the wedding reception is an old red dress from her wardrobe. She doesn’t want to spend much money on the wedding. Maybe deep down inside, she doesn’t see it as the most important day in her life. It’s just a way to get her freedom…
Thanks to Jennifer, Ivy’s wedding planning is going well. Jennifer is a nice young lady that Ivy met at John’s birthday party. She is helping Ivy with everything of the wedding. She is actually the bridesmaid. Ivy doesn’t have many friends, and Jennifer was the first person she can think of.
“It will be my pleasure!” Jennifer answered happily, when Ivy asked her to be the bridesmaid. “I actually helped a few of my friends planned their wedding, so I can really be helpful!” Jennifer looks more excited than Ivy. Some girls in this world just love weddings.
“How is everything going, ladies?” John walks in, while Ivy and her bridesmaid are working on the decorations.
“We are making decorations for the wedding venue.” Jennifer answered, she is very happy to see John. She knows him for over 25 years, and he is very important to her.
“We haven’t hired a venue yet, how do you know if these decors would fit?” John asks.
“I have just found one that I really like! I saw the pictures on their website. It is a vineyard, very beautiful and private! I made an appointment with the manager to see it.”
“You sound like you really like the place. Well, just let me know the name of the place and the time, and then we are going to have a visit.” John says with a smile.
Ivy says with excitement, “sure, it is called ‘Whiny Winery’ and the appointment is tomorrow after noon at 2 p.m.”
“It is a peaceful place with beautiful landscape.” This is the first impression that Ivy has of the winery. When they drive through the gate, they see a gentleman in a suit is standing in front of a small house. Ivy gets off the car and walking to him while John parking the car to the parking space.
“Good afternoon, you must be Ivy.” The gentleman offers his right hand to Ivy, “my name is Calvin, the manager of the vineyard.”
“Nice to meet you,” Ivy shakes his hand and says. “This is my fiancé John.” Ivy introduces John, when he is walking closely. “Nice to meet you,” John says.
“Well, I know you would like to book this place for your wedding day. Unfortunately, it is booked on that day. I am so sorry about this, it is booked just yesterday, and they paid deposit already.” Calvin feels very sorry about the situation.
“Oh,” Ivy sounds very disappointed.
“If you are able to change the date to a week day, the place will be available and you can have the whole vineyard by yourself.” The manager suggests, “You know, weekends are usually the popular days for weddings, and you may have to share the place with other couples.” Manager continues, “So, during the week it is very quiet and private, it would be still ideal for a wedding.”
“My friends are working during the week, I cannot ask all of them to take a day off  for this.” Ivy says, “This is too bad, I do like this place a lot, but I think I will have to look somewhere else.” Ivy sounds very dispirited.
“Sure, it is totally understandable, but if you changed your mind just give me a call, and I will try my best to arrange it for you.” Calvin hands over a business card to Ivy.
“Uh,” Ivy sighs in the car. “We came this far for nothing, and now we have to look for another place, we only got less than two weeks now. I don’t know if we can even find a place.”
“Don’t be stressed, there is always a way to solve the problem.” John consoles her. “We can ask Jennifer, she may know some place, as she planned many weddings.” John suggests.
“Mm, it sounds like a good idea.” Ivy feels slightly better now.
Inside of an old house, there are three people sitting in a big, but dark living room.
“It was so close, she almost got that place.” The man says.
“Thank god, you booked it before she visited there.” The old lady says to the young woman, “It was a clever move, Jen.”
Then she turns to the man and says, “You should make her book this house in the first place, John.”
“I don’t want to make it too obvious, mother. Besides, she is going to come to see this house soon. It is still a success in the end.” John responds.
“Well, make it quick,” the old lady continues, “Your father cannot wait for too long.”
It is a very nice day today – Sunshine, breeze, and blue sky. Ivy believes that she will get a nice venue today. It will be a lucky day.
Jennifer recommended this place to her. It sounds like it meets all of her requirements. It is private, got beautiful landscape, and it is a big fancy house. All of these make the place just like a wedding venue for a princess. She can’t wait to see it.
In the suburbs of this big city, there is a white house – old, but elegant. It is on an open field with a tennis court in the back and a small swimming pool. There is nothing else around it. You are able to see miles away from the house. This is the wedding venue that Ivy and John are going to see today. They made an appointment with the owner.
After almost one hour of driving, they finally getting close to there. Signals of phones are gone. The good news is the GPS is still working. They drive past few farms. Ivy sees some houses. They are not big, but look very cozy. Ivy is starting to like this area. “The house for wedding must be a very nice house too,” Ivy thinks.
After another 20 minutes, the car stops in the front of a big dark metal gate. Ivy presses the button on the intercom by the gate, to notify the owner of their arrival.
The heavy gate slowly opened in front of them. When they drive in, Ivy sees there is a long narrow sandy road. Willow trees standing on both sides of the road. They are not tall, and branches are bending down. The car moves slowly. Ivy can hear the gentle grinding sound while the branches brushing past the roof of their car. A very tiny ravine stream is on the left side of the road, and the shallow water is rippling.
While Ivy enjoys the view, a white house appears in front of them. It looks fancy but with kind of mysterious. After parked the car in front of the house, Ivy and John come to the door. Ivy knocked few times, the brown wooden door is finally opened, and a lady comes out.
“Good day, I am Ivy and this is John.” Ivy introduces them to the lady.
“Yes, yes, I am Jane, the owner, nice to meet you two.” Jane says politely with a soft smile. “Please come in, let me show you around.” Jane leads them to the inside.
The first thing comes into Ivy’s eye is an old fashioned hall way – exquisite, but outdated. Actually, the whole house is like this.
“The house must be hundred years old, and probably has lots of stories.” Ivy is thinking while they are walking to the first room.
The room is on the right hand side of the hallway. It is an entertainment room. There is a pool table in the middle of the room. A small bar is sitting by the window, and few wooden chairs are situated freely in the room.
“You are free to use this room,” Jane says. “It can be very good for entertaining the guests when they are waiting for the ceremony.”
“I am sure the guys would be very happy about it.” John says, Ivy responds with a smile.
“If you are happy with it, let’s move on to the next room.” Jane says to Ivy.
“Sure.” Ivy answered.
The second room is where the ceremony will be held. It is actually connected to the entertaining room. The room itself looks good. The big window brings the room plenty of sun light, and it got a good view of the back yard. However, it also got three heavy couches and a big dining table with eight wooden chairs. In order to have the ceremony here, Ivy has to remove the table and chairs, and also has to move around the couches to make an aisle for the ceremony. All of this heavy lifting will have to be done by Ivy and John themselves. The owner allows them to move things but refuse to provide assistance with the work. Ivy is not happy about it, but she doesn’t have any other choices now, as the clock is ticking. Ivy agreed with the deal.
Next task is to choose an area for the wedding reception. Ivy walks to the deck in the back of the house. It is a big space with a cover over the top. It could be the perfect choice for the reception, especially for a summer evening. The breeze makes people feel fresh and relaxed. The small swimming pool is right downstairs of the deck and it will look good at night with some lights around it. Everything seems sorted now. Suddenly, Ivy sees a small metal gate in the back of the pool.
“What is behind that gate?” Ivy asks.
“It is just a field.” John answered. “Nothing else is there.”
“Can I have a look?” Ivy asks.
“Umm... Sure.” Jane leads the way and opens the gate for them.
“Wow! This is beautiful!” Ivy sees an open field with a beautiful landscape. There is a small house standing on the field that looks very peaceful but lonely.
“I just got an idea!” Ivy turns around to John, and says with excitement. “We can have our ceremony right here! What do you think?”
“Well, it is pretty, but our wedding will be in the afternoon, and it will be very bright and hot out here.” John continues, “People won’t be able to open their eyes, and no one wants to get sweaty at a wedding ceremony.”
Ivy considering what John just said, and finally speaks, “I guess you are right, we will be sweaty too, and I don’t want to look bad on my wedding day.” Ivy has to agree with John, “Alright, let’s go back to the house.”
While they start walking back, Ivy thinks she sees someone in that small house.
Does anyone live in that house there?” Ivy asks the owner.
“No, no. It is just a tool house, just for tools.” The owner answered, and looks a little flustered. “Let’s go back to take a break on the deck, I made some lemonade for you.” Jane says and starts walking back.
Ivy and John sit down on the bench. Ivy asking John, “what do you think of this place?”
John smiles and answered, “I think it will be a perfect place for you…”
“You mean it is the place that meets all my requirements?” Ivy asks.
“Sure.” John responds shortly.
The owner brings a jar of lemonade and two glasses.
“Try it,” Jane says to Ivy, “it is my own recipe.”
Jane pours a glass and passes it to Ivy. Ivy has a sip, and then finishes the whole glass. The iced lemonade is perfect for a hot day in summer.
“It tastes different, but I like it a lot.” Ivy compliments it.
“I am glad you like it, have some more.” Jane takes the glass and pours another one.
“Thank you, I…” with a big sound, Ivy falls down from the bench. She is trying to speak, but cannot make a sound. She feels the whole world is spinning. John and Jane are looking at her with a strange but scary smile on their faces…
“You got her?” Jennifer comes out from inside of the house and asks.
“Yap, let’s start working now. We need to get all of her blood before she turns cold.” Jane says and directs John to move Ivy to the inside.
John puts Ivy on the bed of a small room in the end of the hall way. The room has no window and there is only a little yellow light hanging on the roof. There is a machine by the bed with a long tube connects to a medium sized container. Jennifer grabs a needle tube from the tray on the table, and then connects it to the tube. She searches the best spot on Ivy’s arm and injects it into her blood vessel.
While with the blood flowing to the container, Ivy’s breathe starting to get weaker and weaker, and finally stopped…
“Hello, Caroline speaking.” Ivy’s mother picks up the phone and says.
“Hi, this is… is John,” a panicked voice coming from the other end of the phone.
“John? What’s the matter? Are you ok?” Caroline gets a bad feeling from John’s voice.
“It’s Ivy…she is missing.” John continues and the voice sounds even more panicked.
“Can I come to see you right now? I will explain the details to you.” John says.
After 40 minutes, John is in Caroline’s house.
“We went to see a wedding venue earlier. Ivy and I had some dispute on it.” John says, “We had an argument on the way home, and she got very angry and asked me to stop the car. I thought she wanted to have a talk.” He tries to calm himself down, and continues, “She jumped off the car and run away! I got off after her and try to get her back, but there was a big field of crops…”
John explains to Caroline that he was searching for Ivy for hours. It is in the middle of nowhere and he doesn’t know about the area at all. He tried to call the police, but there is no signal there. He didn’t know what to do, so he drove back and call the police before he came to Caroline’s home.
Another month has past. Police have searched the area that John said where Ivy has gone missing, but they did not find anything, not even a clue. So the case remains unsolved…
Cathy feels like the luckiest girl in the world. She is about to marry a man that she thinks is the best man ever. He has a good education, a reputable job, and well-paid of course. Even though Cathy thinks it is a little too soon to get married now, as they only been together for more than a month. She doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of being with a wonderful gentleman. She knows that all of her girlfriends are REALLY interested in him. 
She is going to meet all the girls with her fiancé to discuss the wedding details and of course her bridesmaid. They have met at her fiancé’s party, and became best friends after it.
When Cathy and her fiancé walk into the coffee shop, all the girls are already waiting there. Cathy quickly walks to them and says, “Hi girls, sorry we are late. We just made an appointment to see a wedding venue tomorrow,” she continues, “thanks to my wonderful bridesmaid Jennifer.” Cathy turns to Jennifer and says “I told my fiancé that you are the best bridesmaid ever, right John?” John smiles and agrees…

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