Fol's Morning

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A brave warrior fights for her and her family's life.

Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



600 A.D.

Fol Hrafen is in her early twenties, fairly tall with long black hair and light blue eyes. She was born and raised in the village of Illt at the very north of Scandinavia. Her Father (sterkur hrafen) died in battle a few years back and was survived by his wife (Mjuk) and three daughters (Fol 23, gullna 16, heppni 13). With no sons to pass the family name or honour on to, Fol decided to take hold of the responsibilities of a son after her Father's passing. She hunted and fished to feed her Mother and Sisters. She did almost all labouring tasks outside the home. She even joined the ranks as a warrior. Her life was good and she was happy until the day...THEY came. Creatures as never seen before. Some said that they came from the sea, just crawled right out of the water onto land. Ugly they were. They walked upright and had clawed webbed hands and feet. Huge dark blue eyes a foot in diameter, gaping mouths that seemed to not shut and teeth as long and thick as broadswords. Their skin looked to be of smooth scales bluish grey in colour. They stood a good seven feet tall and had the strength of ten men. They went from village to village killing all who could not escape and devouring the livestock. A survivor accounted that the noise they made while eating the poor cattle and sheep alive was nightmarish. Soon they turned their attention to Illt. The smell of livestock drew them. Fol would never forget that day. She awoke to the screams of her neighbor. Jumping out of bed she dressed, grabbed her trusty war axe and swung the door open to the outside. What she saw chilled her blood.


Giant monsters were attacking Illt. People were screaming and running everywhere. One man was courageous enough to confront one of them but had not counted on its strength. The thing swiped its clawed hand at him and he ducked but was caught off guard by the other hand. He flew up into the air and hit the side of his stone house with such force that Fol heard his bones break. Blood instantly poured from his mouth, nose and ears. Exhaling loudly he succumbed to his wounds and remained slumped in the snow. By that time Fol was still in the doorway shocked at what was happening. Suddenly she felt something touch her back. She whipped around weapon ready. "Fol, it's just me." Her yougest sister announced confused. "What's going on, why are people screaming, where's mother and Gullna?" Luckily Fol's blocking the entrance prevented her from seeing the madness. "No more questions, you stay here and bolt the door. I will go look for them and whatever you do don't open the door unless it is one of us. Not even if it is a friend, do you understand?" "Yes Fol." Her voice was shaking but she would never disobey her oldest sister. Even if she was terrified at the horrid sounds coming from outside. Fol was now on her own to find the remainder of her family. She ran and ducked behind houses as more people became aware of the situation. A dozen or so armed men congregated near a storage shed devising a plan to stop the creatures. She wished them Odin's speed and said a short prayer. Scouting the area from safe venues she counted around fifteen of the beasts mauling men, women and children, and ripping animals apart. She worried that her mother and sister met the same fate.


As she rounded a huge mound of rubble she nearly stumbled on top of one of the monsters who was feasting loudly on a partially live cow, its back towards her. Luckily for her she did not catch its attention. The smacking squishing sound of it eating as the cow shrieked in pain made her want to vomit but she was able to calm her stomach for her own sake. She was backing away silently when she realised her opportunity. If all was lost with her family and Illt then at least she could kill one of them, or try anyway. With all the courage she could gather she ran towards it, jumped as high as she could and brought her axe down. "THUD" It planted firmly in the middle of its back and silver thick blood oozed from the wound. It bellowed like a bear but the sound was twice as deep and so loud that Fol's ears began to ring. At that moment everything stopped, man and beast turned their attention to the howl. Fol was sure that she would die but at least it would be with honour. Then to her surprise the foe simply fell forward, completely motionless. It took a minute or so to understand. She had severed the spinal cord and it died. "IT DIED, IT DIED!!" She yelled with excitement. "THEY ARE MORTAL. KILL THEM." The men seeing what transpired gained courage and fought with heart and soul, not relenting in the least. Fol eagerly joined the frenzy and as each one fell to the ground a quick cheer rang out. Some of them took as many as twenty men to slay. After about an hour of blooshed the last was destroyed. Many perished but at least the threat was gone.


Fol, panting with exhaustion, fell on her knees to catch her breath, leaning on her axe. She had bravely killed three of them with the help of her comrades. Adrenaline had subsided and her thoughts returned to her. Mother! Gallna! It took all her might to stand. Then she remembered Heppni still at home. She first would check on her sister then continue the search. As she made her way back home, the men were hacking to pieces the enemy and the women were gathering the children and animals. Some of the older men were carrying away the bodies of the fallen to Odin's temple to prepare them for burial. As Fol reached home she was frightened. A knot formed in the pit of her stomach as she tried opening the door. To her relief it was still locked. "Heppni, open up it's me Fol." The seconds that passed seemed like hours. Then she heard the bolt move. Opening the door a little, Heppni looked through the crack as if not believing it was her sibling. Then the door swung open and Fol was greeted with a tight hug. "Oh Fol, I thought you were dead. I didn't open the door like you said. Did you find mother and Gallna?" Fol broke the hug and held her at arms length. "Not yet but I will." "Can I join you, please?" She begged. "No, you must stay here in case they return and need your help okay?" Heppni looked at her feet and shook her head yes. "Good girl. Now remember, keep the door locked." With another nod she disappeared into the darkness and the moment Fol heard the bolt she set off down the road.


Where there were screams earlier there were now sobs for lost souls. Mothers who lost their children. Husbands who lost their wives. The aftermath was just as shocking as the attack. Fol herself was covered in blood and chunks of flesh but had cleaned herself at the town well before meeting Heppni. The last thing that girl needed was more trauma. Even Fol was a bit startled at the carnage. Evicserated animals and people lay everywhere. Some corpses had no limbs or no head. The worse she saw was a boy partially eaten from the legs up his mouth twisted in pain. She looked away with tears in her eyes, that was the first time she had cried in years. The thought of that fate claiming her loved ones was too much to bear. She had to find them she alive and well. As time passed her hopes became less. She managed to ask a few people if they had seen them but to no avail. Then as a dreaded last resort she was forced to climb the steps of the temple of Odin where all bodies are kept until burial. She paused part way and looked up at the sky. Ravens circled overhead. She sighed in despair and trudged on. Soon she was greeted by the local priest who immediately brought her to the death room. In it were dozens of corpses. One by one she searched, hoping not to find them. The whole thing was fortunately fruitless and Fol was more than happy to leave the place but was more confused than ever as to what happened. Dejected she decided to head home and wait, perhaps they would return on their own. That night was the longest Fol had ever experienced in her life. The stress of her fears and comforting Heppni while she cried wore her down. She finally soothed Heppni enough for sleep and was about to follow suit when a loud bang at the door startled them both.


"Don't move." Fol commanded. She readied her axe and yelled. "Who is it?" "Fol it's me, your mother, open the door." Her voice was shaking and small. Lifting the heavy iron bolt she slowly opened the door. Before her stood her mother covered in blood from multiple non-life threatning wounds. Fol carefully grabbed her and brought her inside. "Mother!" Heppni screamed and jumped into her arms. She winced in pain but held on tight. "Were you attacked? Where is Gallna?" Fol asked with fear in her voice. "Don't worry, Gallna is fine, she went to get herbs for my wounds, she'll be back soon." "Where did you both go when the attack happened?" "Well, I needed water from the well this morning and woke your sister up to come with me. While we were getting the water that's when Gallna noticed one of the creatures in the distance closing in fast on us. We panicked and I told her to hide in the storage shed and not to leave until I came back for her. I wanted to make it home to get you two to safety when I was confronted by one of them. It swiped repeatedly at me and it took all of my wits to get passed it. I was about to make my escape when it struck my side and I fell to the ground losing consciousness. Someone must have drug me to safety because when I awoke just a few minutes ago I was in a hay loft in a barn." "Thank the Gods that someone had the nerve and sense to rescue you." Fol interjected. Just then another wrap at the door startled them. "Who is it?" "It's me Gallna." Once inside, they all hugged and gathered around the fireplace. Warming their cold and tired bones. The bodies of the creatures were burned to ashes in the town center, not before their teeth were removed though. They were hung on tall posts encircling the village as a warning to other beasts. Illt was never again visited by these strange beings and eventually the people were able to move on with their lives but never forgetting the day the sea monsters came to land.

The End

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