buster christmas caper

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Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



As the sun rose on a cold crisp Christmas Morning the smell of roasted turkey lingered on the air.
Mrs Jonathan stagggered down the stairs with red bleary eyes and made her way to the kitchen. It was 6 o’clock in the morning and the turkey was ready to come out of the oven.
Buster, her sons 6 months old golden retriever rasied himself from in front of the oven where he had spent the night, and started to shake in anticipation. Licking his lips he huddled ad close to Mrs Jonathan leg, as close as she would allow, so he could be ready pounce if luck was on his side and the turkey slide from the resting place on the huge roasting tin and landed on the kitchen floor. Buster may have been living with the Pringles for four months but already he knew what landed on the kitchen floor was his for the taking, if the was quick enough, Buster watched as the big golden bird was passed over his head and  then rolled his sad brown is as I landed safely on the table.
Buster watched as Mrs Jonathan went the turn the kettle on for her morning cup of tea and then look looked at the big bird that hunted his dreams all night.
Just then Mrs Jonathan turned to get some milk for the cold fridge and seeing Buster so close to the table commanded “ Buster! Don’t even thing about it, if you so much a sniff that bird it won’t be the only thing to be carved up”.

Buster, not really understanding what she meant by that remark turned his ‘But I’m cute’ look on her but he could from that frown on her face and the crossed arms that it was not the time to push his luck. Dropping to the floor with a whine Buster laid his head on his paws and slowly closed his eyes with shame.
The rest of the morning buster kept watch of the large plate that held the big tender golden bird. Family arrived including Grandma and Grandpa, and presents started to get placed under the tree that glittered with fairy lights and shiny baubles. 
At 2 o’clock every one start to go to the table and slowly sit round Buster stood there as Mr Jonathan slowly carried the turkey in to the dinning room and placed it in the middle of the table. Mrs Jonathan was getting the drinks ready once every one had a drink Mr Jonathan smiled and raised the carving knife and sliced the juicy tender bird. Buster head lowly dropped to his paws because the juicy bird was getting smaller and smaller. He tried not to watch and listen to every one chewed and made comments about how delicious the tender the meat was.  Buster started to whine and panic knowing this was the last chance to wrap and sink his teeth in to the juicy meat he had been dreaming of.
Just as Mrs Jonathan rose for her chair and headed to the kitchen to get the pudding. Seizing his chance, Buster jumped on to Mrs Jonathan empty chair and sunk his teeth in the birds carcass then made a mad dash for the door as it started to close it cort on Grampa chair as he went underneath.
Grandpa started to nod off, and fell face first in to his plate. Rasing his head to see what all the noise was all about had cold stuffing on his glasses with gravy dripping from his nose.
Young Bill Jonathan, knowing that he shouldn’t be laughing at what his naughty pup had done, gripped his side and fell off his chair unable to hold the laugher in.

Mr Jonathan, driving from his chair, rugby tackled Buster from his hind legs, Not knowing Buster changed core he went right into the Christmas presents the tree started to quiver but Buster still went deeper and deeper under the tree with the turkey still clamped firmly between his teeth.
Mr Jonathan, now laying full length on the floor, made another attempt to grab the pups hid legs but as he pushed beneath the tree it slowly started to topple and the baubles fell on to the floor and rolled  in  different directions.
Mrs Jonathan, hurrying in with the pudding displayed on one of her china plates and a sprig of on top, slipped on one of the baubles and made the pudding go flying in to the air.
Everyone watched as if in slow motion the pudding turned over and over then it landed on Grandma’s lap. Grandma startled by the prickly holy gave a almighty yell witch made her false teeth fly out of her mouth.
Buster, pinned beneath the fallen Christmas tree, was unaware of the chaos he had caused he was to busy tucking into the plump turkey drumstick that was to been Mr Jonathan supper.

  Later that night Buster lay in conservatory where he had been banished to after he was dragged from beneath the Christmas tree along with bones that remained form the carcass of the turkey. Once again he could see the faces of the Pringles family all yell, shouting and pointing fingers at him,  he really couldn’t see what all the fuss was all about, it wasn’t as if he did not them have there share of the turkey first. Oh well! It wasn’t so bad out here on his own, at least he didn’t have to listen to Grandma Pringle’s snoring and Grandpa Pringle still go on about how prickly that holly was and Billy had given him a cuddle before tucking him up in a nice warm blanket. Giving one last sigh Buster slowly snuggled down to sleep and dreams about the giant bird that tasted so good. 

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