Stegopaws (concluded)

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the last parts of Stegopaws

Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



Part Seven


The aging shepherd tugged on his denim dungaree’s.  From his chest he found a chain around his neck.  On the end was a silver penny whistle.  It was the smallest tin tube anyone might see.  Callan placed it to his gnarled lips.  Then sounded out loud.  The echo left the mine.  Finding the pricked up ears of Patch the sheepdog.  The shabby Welsh border collie had not been needed for years.  He had spent most of his days under the porch.  The few sheep in the pen were used to him. 


The dark brown mutt raced into the mine.  Closely shadowed by Roo.  The smartest Kangaroo around.  He too could round up sheep.  His bouncing around always stirred the woolly beasts.  Even cattle moved for Roo.  The tanned hide chewed as he hopped.  Ready to see what the trouble was.  The new land was a shock for both dog and Kangaroo.  Yet they had sensed a strange smell for years.  But they could never tell anyone.  The odd duo found the side of Callan Brigg, and waited for his commanding whistle.


The strange jungle groaned under the pressure of the fall of the ancient world.  Still some ignorant normality continued.  The numerous giants had to be gathered from behind a clump of rhubarb type trees.  The blue leaves were being munched by the veggie beasts.  Both nervous and dim minds tore into the tasty plants.  The stegosaurs did not blink with eyelids.  And could sense the presence of two hopping pests.  The giants were startled and began to walk fast toward a dark part of the cavern. 


The humans smiled but also grimaced.  As the stegosaurs were pinned behind a lump of rock.  It was a wall of the lost world, it was the wrong side of the way out.  Still it was safer than the rest of the land.  The crumbling state did slow down.  It was safer though on the surface, than in a possible cave in. 


Callan Brigg whistled a different tone.  It moved his dog and pal Roo.  They hiccupped the stegs around the boulder.  And into the exit area of the mine shaft.  As the herd were moving out, the Chief was chatting with the others.  ‘This place is normally what dreams are made of.  But right now, we need to forget it for a while.  The rest of the world will not ready for what we found here.’


As the Stegs hiked out of the mine, a flash of yellow blazed at the several humans.  It was the blocking wall.  It was clear to everyone.  It was pure gold.  The few had found their dreams maybe coming true.  After the big round up.



Part Eight


Bob Smith was a hardy man.  He drove his land rover from the North of Alice Springs.  It was his job to pick up fleeces from around the districts.  This included the rare but annual trip to Cataract.  To the strange home of Callan Briggs.  Bob was a silent man.  Yet he liked to play country music on his radio.  While chomping on a half smoked cigar.  He was no Colombo.  But he did know the Outback quite well.


It had been a  month since his last visit.  His mind expected to find the wool in the small barn next to the shack.  The ten sheep would be sheared close.  And he imagined the dog and rogue kangaroo to be around.  It was midday and oddly silent in Cataract.  Rough driver Bob checked he had the food for Callan.  It was on the back seat.  Enough tucker to last a month.  Yet there was no sign of the only resident.


In the barn was a pile of ragged grey fleeces.  Also in the wooden hut were what looked like shields one time used by ancient Aboriginals.  Bob had never seen them before.  Only scratched on the odd cave wall.  It was known that caves were scattered around the Outback.  All over the place.  Bob could not fathom out where Callan could have got these.  Some were six foot high.  And not shields at all.  Some edges were like lethal blades.  Others hard as anvils.  Still there was a note among the wool.


‘Bob, take these scales with the hides.  Leave me what you think they are worth.  I will tell you what they are another time.  I am not here.  I have big job on.  If you have time.  Could you come into the mine?’


The letter was crude but something new to Bob Smith.  He lit his dead cigar.  And smoked it hard.  Trying to feel normal.  Before all hell broke loose.  It was mid afternoon and the air was different.  The birds did not caw or cackle.  The alien sounding Outback was very silent.  Bob strode in his denim suit.  Full of dust from the barn.  As he moved closer to the old mine, something massive appeared from behind a hill of wild grass. 


The shaking man looked up.  Twenty foot above his head loomed the biggest lizard head he had ever seen.  It was chewing the grass and leaves.  Bob exhaled and yelled.  The beast yelled also.  And bolted away.  Causing a minor earthquake.  Bob followed its movement.  And the arrival of more giant lizards.  ‘What the hell?’ Bob choked on his cigar smoke.  The visitor was blown away by what he saw.  His hand dug deep into his shirt.  And found a tin bottle of whiskey.  He downed a big mouthful.  And found the mine.  And the home of the Stegopaws.


Part Nine


The camper van come mini bus, was parked outside the shack along with the two cop cars and Bob Smith’s land rover.  Callan had his rundown truck behind the hut.  Hardly used.  The sheep were in their pen.  The dog and Roo were waiting for the next command of their master.  Bob ventured into the bowels of the mine.  To find a mind boggling place.


A wheel barrow was loaded with a lump of gold.  Vines grew around a way into a vast cavern.  Half of the vast arena had collapsed.  But the rest was being saved, by huge beams and joists.  The old mining expert had rescued the long lost world.  It may not last but the small jungle was surviving.  A distant thermal vent kept it humid.  The air from outside, gave a new fresh existence.  Bob Smith was welcomed to the new world of Callan Brigg.


The several humans sat on a huge chunk rock.  Looking at the fauna of a prehistoric age.  Bob told the old resident, ‘I found your note.  I have placed the fleeces and shells in my jeep.  And dropped off your goods.  I did not expect anything like this.  What are those giant lizards?’


The visitor trembled.  It was all too much.  The students, cops and Callan had all calmed down.  And had devised a simple plan.  Brigg explained it to Bob.  It had to be kept secret for the time being.  The world would spoil the new find.  They were miles from anywhere.  The giants had to be controlled.  The blue green Stegs roamed the newly seen Outback.  They did stay near the mine.  As it was still their home.


Bob Smith looked at the face of the Chief of Police for Alice Springs.  ‘Are you alright with all this?’

‘This is just the beginning.  Welcome to the land of the giants.  We have a big solution.  Can you see.  This is the Dawn of Stegopaws.’


In that moment the herd trundled into the inner realm.  Wallowed in the waterbed that flowed from who knows where.  Bob Smith lit up a new cigar, then walked to his jeep.  This thing was bigger than him.  His land rover moved away.  As he headed off into the sunset.  He turned and saw a sign above the goldmine.  It read, New Cataract, home of Stegosaur.


The log book was closed.  The visitor was gone.  One word was written to end the day.  STEGOPAWS.




Not the end

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