The Infestation

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A woman has a medical problem that doctors can not treat, but maybe the Master can. A little gore, a little humor, and some darkness..

Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



A very short and somewhat anemic looking man enters a large and oak ordained Library, and he says, "Master, there is someone at the outer gate."


"Who is it Winfred," asked a rather dark looking figure that is seated, cross-legged, in the billowing fireplace?


"I know not, Master, the face is hidden by the shadow of a hooded coat," replies Winfred.


The Master exits the flames and inquires. "Man or woman?


"The clothing says a woman, Master." Winfred states as he takes a broom to the Masters clothes, sweeping handily.


The dark looking figure pushes the broom aside and says, "Well, open the gate and ask her to the door, quickly."


"Yes Master," Winfred says as he shuffles out of the Library.


Winfred returns moments later, "She is at the door Master."


"That will be all Winfred, I will tend to the lady," the man states as he walks toward the heavily ordained Mahogany door.


The sound of a heavy iron latch fills the large entryway, and then another sound fills the area; Creeeeeek!


The Master peers out into the darkness, his eyesight aided only by the Blood-moon rising in the clouded sky.

"Good eve-ah-ning Miss. May I helllp you? The Master asked.


"I'm begging the Master's pardon, I am! My Misses sent me 'cause she said you was good at fix'n ailments that doctors ain’t likely to do much about," said the hunched-back middle aged woman.


The Master frowned a bit and asked, "What sort of ailment Miss?"


"I got an infestation, Sir. --- See?"


With that said the woman took the hood from her head which revealed one eye socket oozing some black and red worms.

As the worms exited the eye socket they turned into a slummy puss and slide down the woman's cheek, onto a well placed scarf.

The other eye looked standard issue human, one brown colored eyeball, a little bloodshot.


The Master didn't seem surprised at all and said, "Ahhh Yes, you do seem to have a problem, please, come inside."


"Can you fix this, Sir? It's not proper that I be running around in such a state. After all, what would the neighbors say?" The woman stated with a moaning in her voice.


The man smiled revealing a set of fangs that any wolf would have been proud of, then he said, "Oh no, we would not want anyone to see you like this. Would we?"

"Oh no sir, Sir!" the woman exclaimed.

At that point the Master asked, "Now, who is the Mistress that sent you to me?"


A reply came quickly, "The Countess of Red-Grave Sir. She said that you could add the treatment to her bill. That is, if you wouldn't mind?"


"Ah and how is the Countess these days, or I should say, these nights?" The Master asked while his booming voice brought forth a stone-fracturing laugh.


"She is as well as can be expected, Sir, given the lessening of the village population. They seem to be moving out of the area and the Misses is having to call on staffing services to fill her needs.

There is slim pick-ins these nights and staffing services has become concerned about the missing employees. It is a bit of a situation I'm afraid," the woman confessed.


The Master shook his head and replied, "I'm so sorry to hear that, the Countess is one of my best customers and dearest friends. Please give her my regards."

At that point the Master pointed and said, "Come, be seated here in the dentist chair."


As the woman seated herself, the Master removed a glass jar from the refrigerator and checked the eye color of the eye-ball within.

Then he took a turkey baster from a side drawer and sucks the remainder of the worms from the eye-socket.

After doing that, he sprayed the socket with alcohol and then sprayed some into his opened mouth, and again he sprayed into the socket.

At that point the master popped the new eye-ball into the empty socket and placed an emblem over the eye. Smoke and the stench of burnt flesh filtered into the air as soon as the Master spit upon the emblem.

Afterward he said some rather sinister sounding words and then spit again.

Next, he grabbed the turkey baster and shoved the end into the woman's ear, squeezing the bulb vigorously.

Looking in the ear he smiled at the woman and asked, "How does that feel?"


She smiled and made a grunting sound as he removed the emblem from the new eye and socket.

"We are all done now! Are you seeing alright with the replacement?" He asked with a slight laugh.


The old woman grunted again and tried to smile.


"Here now, I'm going to put this ear plug in your ear. You should keep it in there until those little wormy devils work their way back to their nest; once there, I would think that they will stay," the Master said.


The woman asked, "How long Sir?"


"Oh, tomorrow morning should do it. Pull the plug out in the morning and have someone look in there, if they don't see worms then you can leave it out," the master instructed.


"What if they are still there, Sir?"


"Then put the plug back and wait another day, but I doubt that that will happen," the master said while adjusting his nose back to the center of his face.


"You are too kind Sir," the woman said as she exited the front door.


"I know," replied the Master, "it is a gift."



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 06-29-2016

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