Number 96?

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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



Number 96?


There is a story behind my broken heart

All 95 women

__have ate it up

____and spit it out

Now my heart yearns

__for some real affection

But every corner I turn

__all I see is my reflection

The daunting hours

__spent runnin' a tread mill

The tiresome laps

__around a track

____without crack

All of these twacked dimensions

__of parallel universes

They scare the crap outta me

Will I escape lovelessness?

Or will singlehood eat me alive

__and swallow me whole?

Sometimes I think of you

Wondering if I could give my heart to you

You sit in the rooms

__lookin' like Velma

____from Scooby Doo

But I don't know

__if I just wanna fuck you

Or if I could really benefit

__from having some kind of emotion for you

____beyond my current lust

I know just how to fall in love

I also know how not to

But if I'm putting you down on paper now

There could be no turning back

You have the face of a woman

__I really wanna be with

But for what purpose

__right now

____I am not sure

Even just the way you dress

__turns me on

And by the time I lose myself in lust

Looking at you

I can hardly separate


____and "attraction"

When I see your body

__I just wanna have it!

Wanna be inside of it!

I don't think I've really known beauty

__before I met you

But you've long since

__stopped talking to me

Long since

__stopped waving at me

And tonight

__you're not here

And tonight I'm supposed to pick up a black key tag

But not because I got another year clean

But just because mine broke

Broke just like my heart did

By 95 women

I know if I loved you

You'd only be the 96th.

And since I'm on a path

To fall in love 100 times

__just to finally be love back

Or first

Or just plain "also"

I know you'd just be one of those 99 heartbreakers

Spinning me out of control

Because I don't know how to get over you

If I fell for you that hard


06-22-'16 #1

D. L. Cannon

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