Horace and Lauren

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Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



Horace was a quiet boy

Lauren was an amiable girl

She smiled in warmth and took his hand

And Horace could talk

Then one day she moved

Horace did his damnest to not be quiet again

Lauren had made it very, very easy to open his mouth

But since she moved to a different school it shut tight again like Pandora’s box


Horace met a girl named Autumn

And like the season she was named after

Autumn could be both cold and warm all at once

And that’s the way she was toward Horace

One day they almost kissed

Autumn would have been his first

But Autumn’s grandmother came to pick her up

And Autumn got back together with her ex-boyfriend

 who she couldn’t be cold to at all

 no matter how hard she tried


Horace was a junior in high school then

He was seventeen and had long brown locks of hair

And when he was 17 and a junior in high school and had long brown locks of hair

Lauren was 16 and a junior and had trimmed her hair short and cute

And Horace and Lauren fell in love

Lauren got punched in the mouth one night by one of her dad’s drunk friends

Lauren wished Horace could’ve sat next to her on the haunted hayride when October came around and the cold of autumn came with it

Lauren hated herself, her body, her past, her present, her future,

But most of all

Lauren hated that she could never ever be satisfied

No matter what anyone did

No matter what her mother did

No matter what her father barely tried to do

And no matter how much Horace loved her infallibly and wanted her to be happy

She didn’t want to be


Lauren had been with another boy the whole time she and Horace were in love

And Horace found out before she finally confessed

But he was so scared of losing Lauren

And just like it had always been when she wasn’t there

Horace’s mouth was shut tight like Pandora’s box

He feared that when it opened

What might come out could take away the only thing that made sense



One day

Lauren began to pretend Horace was invisible

And Horace hurt himself real bad

And Horace hated himself, his looks, his voice, and how his mood changed sometimes

And one day

Horace tried to go to a place no one has ever come back from

And Lauren found out

And Lauren drove drunk and stoned to the eyes all the way to his house

And she held him

And he held her

And Horace nearly cried

And since that day

Lauren sees Horace as invisible

And doesn’t talk to him at all anymore


Horace is almost an 18 year old

Almost an adult

Lauren is 17 now

One step closer to being on her own


There are some times of the day when Horace understands

That Lauren is Lauren

And that Lauren wants no part of him anymore

And Horace is okay with that on those times of the day

There are other times of the day when Horace wishes he could understand

That Lauren is Lauren

And that Lauren wants no part of him anymore

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