Scary Harry

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a new children's nursery rhyme

Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



Daring Daniel had a little black book 

With a leather bound cover 

And a story that shook

Many a children down to their core

With tales of a man who was pure horror 


A tall thin man by the name of Scary Harry 

Lived in a dark and abandoned cemetery 

No skin, no bones - just a shadow in the night

Filled the hearts of all those who read his story, with fright  


Daring Daniel's mother warned him not delve into the these stories of scare

She begged and she begged for him to beware 

But little Daring Daniel believed in no such tales 

He longed for a story that would invite him some wails

Screams and shouts and crys of all sorts 

In these categories Scary Harry failed to fall short


One gloomy night, all alone in his room

Daring Daniel had a thought that surely would bloom

Into a treacherous scenario for all those involved 

He opened the little black book, and decided to indulge 

In the story of Scary Harry, despite his forewarnings 

Poor Daring Daniel was unaware that he would not see the next morning 


Page after page of treacherous words

He read and he read till he thought he heard birds

Chirping their chirps and singing their songs 

Till he realized it wasn't their songs all along


The chirps turned to moans

And the songs into groans

Then the cackling commenced and was followed by screams! 

Striking a hint of fear into the heart of Daring Daniel indeed.


His eyes opened wide and his heart, it beat quicker 

As all the lights in his room suddenly begun to flicker 

Now the little black book had slipped from his grip

As a figure fought his way through the page with a tear and a rip 


Little Daniel scurried backwards as the figure had sprung

From the pages of the book from where he once was from


Scary Harry, there he stood!

As dark as the night 

In all of his terribleness, and all of his might

No words could escape from the lips of the trembling child

As he looked on in awe at Scary Harry who smiled

He flashed him his teeth and he bared him his claws

But Daring Daniel sat stunned, engulfed in a pause


Scary Harry chanted: 


"Scary Harry, who lives all alone in the cemetery

With claws that scratch, and teeth that bite

Oh how he wishes that some day they might

Open his book, and read his story 

To grant him a friend to be frightening and gory

Alone in the dark, they'll forever be merry 

A companion to forever join ol' Scary Harry"


And with that came a cloud of darkness and black 

Never would Daniel's mother ever have her son back


And now on the floor lay a little black book with a leather bound cover 

And a story that shook

One more daring child

© Copyright 2018 Winston Erebus. All rights reserved.

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