The Adventures of Master and Kitten. [Preview]

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Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



As we entered the motel room, I didn't know what to expect. I kept thinking back to how before we started talking, I hardly knew anything about this man. We worked at the same place, but were hardly around one another, only when we needed to be. Now here we are, about to have sex. "Okay, keep it together, Sawyer," my subconcious hisses at me. He's observing me, intently, and his stare is making it even more difficult to keep my composure. He sits on the side of the bed and gestures for me to approach him. I'm standing in front of him and he wants me to kiss him. My legs feel like jello, I don't know if I can go through with this. The kiss is somewhat awkward and strained on my part. He seems so calm, patient. The next thing I know, he's beginning to undress me. He says, "We don't have to do this. You can totally back out if you want to." "And you tell me that as you're taking my clothes off?," I question in my head. As nervous as I am, I want this. I want him. "No, I don't want to back out," I reply. He's proceeding to rub my breasts and the touch is practically electrifying. I can sense his desire for me. Once we're both naked, we get onto the bed, and I feel the panic swell inside of me. We start to make out and all I want to do is let go, let loose. He asks me what I want and I think, "Um. Your dick. In. Me." I can tell that he is amused (maybe even slightly turned on) by my shyness and reluctance to just tell him what it is that I want. He takes charge and puts on a condom, then slides his erection inside of me. I want to moan with pleasure but nothing comes out. I feel like I'm in shock. Wait, I am in shock. He's doing his thing and here I am, "taking it," but am as quiet as a mouse. Am I even breathing? "Are you okay?," he asks me. "Yeah, I'm okay." I don't know why I feel so hesitant to moan, touch, and push him down on the bed to get on top. I eventually get my chance to get on top but suddenly, I feel like a virgin, being touched for the very first time. Ha ha. He guides his cock back into my vagina, which is soaking wet by the way. I begin to ride him and all I want to do is cover my face because I just might die of embarrassment at any moment. I can hardly look at him. I've pretty much been avoiding making eye contact with him the whole time that we've been here. After I orgasm, I decide that maybe I should give him oral. He removes the condom and I carefully place him in my mouth. While I'm giving him head, he sounds pleased, which motivates me to "go for it." When I come up for air, for whatever reason, "hi" is what comes out of my mouth. He chuckles. "Hi." It's discussed that he's going to cum on my chest. Once he does, I ask if I can try something. I wipe off some of the cum off of my chest with my fingers and stick them in my mouth. Fast forward to when we clean up, get dressed, and leave the motel. He drops me off at home, kisses me goodbye before I get out of the car. When I go inside, it isn't too long after when he sends me a text reading, "Thank you. I enjoyed you immensely." It is after that encounter that sends us down the rabbit hole of more sex which leads to naughty escapades, and along the way "Master and Kitten" is born.

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